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Hi. I was seeing a guy who went with a prostitute. I had unprotected

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Hi. I was seeing a guy who went with a prostitute. I had unprotected and sometimes protected sex with him for about 3 months because I didn't know about his encounter. After a few months I started to look sick and unhealthy to the point where all my coworker noticed and asked me why I looked that way.
I've been getting cbcs pretty much every month and my doctor checked me for every disease you could think of because I kept complaining of symptoms. The only test that came back positive was the arthritis test. I was referred to an specialist and he ran more tests on me to find out if I have any autoimmune diseases. Everything came back normal except my white blood cells. They have been declining every month and now they are below normal.
January 4.3
February 3.9
March 3.7
April 3.6

The crazy guy who went with a prostitute went and got tested for HIV at 12 weeks 4 days, and at 20 weeks 4 days after his encounter (4.5 months) both came back negative.
I got tested at 3 months from my last sexual intercourse with him and it came back negative as well.

I've been having chronic headaches, nausea, sneezing, and more. I have low energy and some cough. What do you recommend doing at this point? My doctor asked to get another CBC in a month to see if my wbc keep declining. Any other advice? I really am suspecting the HIV infection. My dr says either the guy or I would have tested positive by now. But neither of us has a 6 month negative here.
What about your HIV infection - have you had that checked?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I tested at 3 months about 3 weeks ago.
GReat - more than likely you do not HIV - I would check again at the 6 months, but more than likely you do not have HIV.
And, this could be anxiety for what you are feeling, but with a low WBC count, I would recommend getting this evaluated for possilbe leukemia such as AML type.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay. My coworkers say i look pale, and anemic, and tired, and I agree with them. I know people who have aids and they do not look pale like me, so yes anemia could be the cause. My rbc has been normal in all cbcs though. Then how could it be anemia?
Well if you have a normal HgB / HCT - hemoglobin and/or hematocrit, you are not anemic.
I hope this helps, please click on ACCEPT, if you have additional questions please ask,
Thank you
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello its me again. I keep feeling sick. Should I go to a hematologist? neurologist? who should I go to? I went to the er because I was just frustrated and scared and couldn't sleep. I looked really pale and purple under my eyes and really bad nauseous. They took blood and this is what I got:

WBC COUNT 4.8 K/uL 4.5-11.0
RBC COUNT 3.54 Low M/uL 4.00-5.20
HEMOGLOBIN 12.5 gm/dl 12.0-16.0
HEMACROTIC 35.5 Low % 36.0-46.0
MCV 100.2 High fL 80-100
MCH 35.3 High pg 26-34
MCHC 35.2 % 31-37
RDW 12.2 % 11.5-14.5
PLATELET COUNT 198 K/uL 150-350

Lymph % 41.8 %22-44
Mononuclear % 8.9 %4-11
Neutrophil % 45.2 %40-70

And I dont feel like typing the rest because they're within normal range. I did notice lymphocytes are a little on the higher end. My potassium was a little low they said 3.4 when 3.6 is the lowest normal. My calcium too was a little low. They gave me a potassium supplemet. I bought it at the store yesterday to start taking more because I just noticed my multivitamin doesn't have potassium in it and for some reason im not getting it from my diet. Maybe I need to eat more bananas. But yea your opinion on this test and symptoms and what I should do next would be appreciated.
I am sorry that you keep having this feeling of not being well.
Your values do seem to be normal - nothing really strikes me as being out of range at all.
I would recommend making an appintment with a family practice or general practitioner or Internal Medicine physician.

You might just have a thyroid condition such as low thyroid.
You might have anxiety / depression too.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yea I hope its just mental it doesn't feel that way thought. What does concern me are my wbc. They've been always low or on the low side of normal. The er doctor also found a cyst on the back of my neck. I dont know if its reason to be concerned. I just got my thyroids checked not too long ago and they're normal.
Well your labs do appear very normal - so it could be anxiety.
your WBC's are normal.
And, if you have this cyst - then get this evaluated further with a biopsy and/or a Fine needle aspiration.
I Hope this helps, please provide Excellent feedback
Thank you
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi I have a few other questions. I freaked out again and went back to the ER. This is nerve racking. I have been asking myself the same question for the past 8 months. Do I have HIV? And if not HIV Then what IS it???
My wbc went down to 3.4 this time
The doctor at the ER said that 3.4 is nothing to worry about, but I read some doctors opinions on this site about a 3.4 wbc and they're saying is not all that normal. Another thing I wonder is if for ME this may be too low. I don't have my labs from a few years ago so I can't compare. 3.4 may not be dangerously low and may be normal for some people but maybe for me and for my body is pretty low. And maybe that's why im not feeling too well lately? Your thoughts?
Another question I have is, what specialist should I see??? One dr at the ER said to see a reumatologist, another said an infectious disease specialist, another said a gi dr, and another a hematologist. I dont know which way to go.
I truly believe I may have some sort of infection because of my symptoms.
Everything started in december. I had weight loss of 5 lbs very sudden, zero appetite I couldn't even smell food, a strange rash on my left leg that no dr could tell me what it was, night sweats, low grade fever 99.6 the highest, hot flashes, nauseas...
And ever since december Ive been experiencing the following
Extreme fatigue
Want to sleep all the time
No energy
Mouth ulcers
Stomach ache
Stomach makes noises
Migranes my head feels like is going to explode is horrible
Feel feverish all the time
Pale face noticed by a lot of people
Blue under eyes
Some sneezing like every other day
Mild sore throat sometimes
Been tested for allergies no allergies
The worst one is my bones hurt my hole body hurts
Little bubbles on palate and feels irritated
Tiredness for no reason
Hair is thinning
Hair looks dull and lifeless
Im taking a good amount of vitamins and eating fruits and dont drink or smoke ever so no reason why suddendly I look unhealthy unless something is really up
My period is been late lately and instead of lasting 3 days is lasting only one
My rheumatoid factor test came back positive and I have a history of thyroid problems and it runs in my family. I saw my endocrinologist and hormones are normal but this was back in january. Idk if I should go back to him to retest.
Please give me some guidance of what this could be and what specialist to see.
What you should do is just have an Internal medicine doctor just evaluate your WBC - and follow it - to see if it returns to the normal range.
And, the Internal medicine doctor might refer you to a Hematologist - for a 'Peripheral smear' to look at your blood under the microscope.
But, also, you might need a bone marrow biopsy if the WBC count drops further say to the 2.0 or less range.
I hope this helps
Please provide Excellent feedback
Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So you're saying that a 3.4 wbc IS something to be concerned about?
No, actually this is not something I would be concerned about - but you should get a few more WBC blood tests just to check the 'direction' of the WBC level - more than likely this level is Transient and it will return to a normal level -
I hope this helps
Please provide Excellent - Satisfied feedback for helping you with additional questions.
Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What could cause a Transient?
Could this be HIV?
Will it be a waste of time to see an infectious disease specialist?
Any thoughts of what this could be?
My mono test came back positive but from the past, I had it in the past they said right now is neg
Lyme disease test neg
Any thoughts of what this could be? and what could a trasient with my wbc?
Actually this can be NORMAL - to be transient - there does NOT have to be a cause.
Try not to do so much assumig - you have a lot of anxiety already - so just stick to True testing - so get the HIV test - but if not positive, you do not have HIV.
Just see an Internal Medicine doctor for now - and Let the Internal Medicine doctor do the referring for you to any possible sub-specialist IF necessary.
I hope this helps
Just try to relax.
Please provide Excellent - Satisfied feedback for all the extra questions I have answered and a bonus is always welcome.
thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay well I tested at 5 months for HIV and it came back negative. I was feeling more relaxed until my gyn said it can sometimes take a while for HIV to show up and to test for 7 months. I have 2 more months of this hell. But I will see an int med specialist then. Thanks for your help.
Well given you were negative at 5 months it would be VERY unlikely to be anything but the same at 7 months.
Take care and Please don't for get to provide Excellent - 5 star /smiley face feedback so I can get credit for helping you
Thank you
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