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KortneyPA-C, Physician Assistant
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 54
Experience:  8+ yrs, Orthopedics, Worker's Comp, general practice
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I started very yong haveing probles hearing and at about the

Customer Question

I started very yong haveing probles hearing and at about the age of 20 I started with ringing in the ears. I been with specialist and all they want me to do is get a hearing aid. wich I tried and don't work becasue of the ringing. what is good to stop the ringing?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  KortneyPA-C replied 5 years ago.

Hello, welcome to JustAnswer! My goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive answer, so if you need more info, please ask!

From the information that you have provided to me, it appears that the only thing that has been recommended for your tinnitus thus far is hearing aids. Has your doctor suggested any other treatments? Have you tried any other treatments? What medications are you taking currently? Did your doctor tell you why you are suffering from hearing loss or offer you an explanation for your symptoms?

I can provide you with more information if you answer some of my questions.

In general, ringing in the ears, referred to as tinnitus or hyperacusis by the medical community, is a SYMPTOM, not a diagnosis. Although the causes of the ringing can vary, sometimes it is not always possible to figure out what is actually causing the ringing, which appears to be the case for you. I can provide you with some suggestions, you may have already tried some of these....

If you are taking Vitamin E, stop taking it. Vitamin E has been known to cause tinnitus in some people. Caffeine can make the ringing worse, so you may want to try to avoid caffeine altogether or avoid it for a week and see if your symptoms improve. Vitamin B has occasionally been shown to help some people with ringing in their ears. You could try to take a Vitamin B complex and see if it helps, and some people get Vitamin B shots from their doctor that can also help. If you are trying some of the above methods to see if they help, each should be tried separately so that you can tell if one is helping. If you were to stop caffeine and take Vitamin B on the same day, you wouldn't know which helped your symptoms, although, the combination of the 2 may help as well, it is important for you to try these independently.

Some people say that using a white noise machine by their bed while they are sleeping and at their work station can decrease the awareness of the ringing and thus decrease some of the frustration that can go along with the constant ringing. However, I have never heard of anyone that has any improvement in their ringing after using a white noise machine and the benefit would only be while you are using the machine, when it is turned off, the ringing comes back.

There is a therapy that has actually been proven to decrease tinnitus in some people. It is called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. This is a type of therapy that involves counseling and changes your mind's perception of the actual sound of ringing. At the onset of your symptoms, when you were in your 20s, without being consciously aware of it, your mind associated the ringing in your ears with a negative reaction. It is similar to the flight or fight reaction, when you sense danger, your body automatically releases adrenaline. When you sense the ringing, you have negative feelings, frustration, irritation, etc. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy has been proven to reduce and change the perception of the ringing in your mind and, eventually, if treatment is successful, you will have decreased awareness that the ringing is there, similar to your ability to perceive ringing in your ears before your 20s when it wasn't a problem, your awareness would return to that level. It doesn't necessarily treat the ringing, just retrains your mind's reaction to it.

So that you get an idea of how successful this therapy can be, in a study of 108 patients with tinnitus all treated with Tinnitus Retraining Therapy over a period of 18-24 months, 70% of patients with just tinnitus improved, and 90% of patients with tinnitus and hearing loss improved. Very encouraging for you because it seems that you have associated hearing loss as well, and based on this study, you have a very good chance of getting improvement if you are treated with this therapy.

This is something that needs to be discussed with you doctor, only your doctor can refer you to a treatment center that would offer this therapy.