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Thanks for your help. Does lime absorb? Another company

Resolved Question:

Hello again, Thanks for your help. Does lime absorb? Another company calledBiocide Systems uses Chlorine dioxide that they say is ecco friendly in the formulation they use and that you mix it with an ounce of warm water and leave stand in an open cup in the room 24 hours and it takes away all odors including paint. then you open the doors and in a 1/2 hour or so their chemical odor disappears. I am a little sceptical of using such a powerful posibly toxic product. What do you think?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  replied 5 years ago.
I do not know if lime absorbs odors, chlorine dioxide would not absorb odors, but might oxidize odor causing chemicals which could stop them from smelling. However, absorbing the odors by placing a cup in the room will not work. Even if it is capable of absorbing all the odors in the room it is in a cup. All the air in the room must circulate and flow across that cup and dissipate into the liquid in the cup, so the odor chemical must dissolve into the water and absorbent. This is a very slow process, there is nothing speeding up the odor chemicals to dissolve into the solution in the cup. If it was going to work you would need to pump the room air into the cup through the solution, like an aerator in a fish aquarium. However, even if you do that, it would not do any better a job than opening up your windows and ventilating your apartment. The odor causing chemicals will not get pulled out of the paint and into the cup. The only thing that will get the odor out of you apartment is for all of the odor causing chemicals to get out of the paint and ventilated out of your apartment. They just have to evaporate out of the paint. You can speed this up some by warming the painted wall or possibly wash it off, but washing would probably only remove what is on the surface, and more odor causing chemicals will get out from inside the paint and bring the odor back. Sorry there just isn't an easy fix.
Please let me know if you need any clarification.
Take care,
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