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Dr.Tiwari, Doctor.
Category: Health
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Hi there!! Want to purchase HGH like kintropin or jintropin??

Customer Question

Hi there!! Want to purchase HGH like kintropin or jintropin?? Want the real gear and know fake gear thank's:) or can you please lead us to the right place to get it from..
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Tiwari replied 5 years ago.

Dr.Tiwari :


Dr.Tiwari :

Welcome at JA.

Dr.Tiwari :

From which state you belongs?

JACUSTOMER-3gzzut90- : Want to get HGH ??
JACUSTOMER-3gzzut90- : Queensland
Dr.Tiwari :

You should be aware that marketing of jintropin is restricted only to china.

JACUSTOMER-3gzzut90- : So I can't purchase any HGH in Australia??
Dr.Tiwari :

This is an steroid preparation.It is illegal to buy it online or from other site.

JACUSTOMER-3gzzut90- : I want to find a doctor that will help me out, it's for personal use only.
Dr.Tiwari :

You may consult to a doctor & find solution for your problem,but it is illegal to have this preparation in australia as well as in united states.

JACUSTOMER-3gzzut90- : Ok thanks for your time:) I will just go to Thailand and get it my self..
Dr.Tiwari :

Welcome .

Dr.Tiwari :

With best wishes.

Dr.Tiwari :

If you are satisfied with my answer then please PRESS GREEN ACCEPT.