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I have been coughing up yellow mucus for about 10 weeks

Resolved Question:

I have been coughing up yellow mucus for about 10 weeks now.A doctor sent me to a chemist to get hay fever tablets made no difference.Took antibiotics for an unrelated insect bite,didn't help my cough.Mucus seems to be running down my throat from my nasal passages.Tried demazin and also chest cough medicine but nothing makes any difference
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
Hi, welcome to justanswer, if your cough has not gone away with all these medications ,it would be proper for you to consult an Internal Medicine Specialist so you can be further evaluated .
Although you took antibiotics , if these antibiotics were for the insect bite , those antibiotics will not necessarily being effective against the infection you could have or the bacteria that is producing the infection in your case.
I also can see you have taken anti-allergy and cough medications. The main problem with this , is that if the underlying condition you have is not properly identified and treated , these medications could alleviate your symptoms temporarily but they will not go away completely until what is causing them is treated .
There are some conditions which could produce a chronic cough yellow mucus secretion like :
1-Smoking Cigarette
2-Gastroesophageal Reflux ( in this condition, the stomach acid juices flow back into the esophagus )
3-Lung or Airways Tract Infection ( pneumonia or bronchitis ) . Although there is usually a viral or bacterial infection involved, it is important to investigate if there could be other microorganism involved like a fungal infection.
4-Inflammatory Diseases like Sarcoidosis
5- Lung or airway tract masses or nasal polyps ( which are benign masses in the nasal passages)
6-Medications if you have being take some type of antihypertensive medication specially an ACE inhibitor like captopril or enalapril , which could produce a persistent or chronic cough.
7-Heart disease in which the heart muscle is not pumping blood properly through your tissues
8- Sinusitis ( in which the bone air filled cavities around your nose become swollen and filled with fluid or secretion)
9- Allergy ( it would be important to determine what is producing the allergy so you can avoid future contact with that substance )
10-COPD ( in this condition, the airways become inflamed and too narrow restricting the proper flow of air , the patient could develop infectious processes or mucus fluid secretion and accumulation ) or emphysema( in which the lung airsacs become damaged)
Consult the doctor who will evaluate you and perform all the necessary tests to determine which of these conditions is producing this coughing and yellow mucus sputum so you can be treated properly.
In the meantime , you could try a natural remedy ( mix one teaspoon of honey with a pinch of white pepper ) and take this 3 times a day and drink plenty of fluids . You could also take a glass of milk , add 1 -2 crushed garlic and some cloves , boil that solution and filter it, add sugar or honey so it can have a better taste when you drink it .
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