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Dear Doctor, I had a full body PET-CT a week ago, just as

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Dear Doctor,

I had a full body PET-CT a week ago, just as precautionary, without any specific problem. The summary report based on the detailed organs scan says, that: (1)macroscopically there is no node or accumulation of FDG Avid activity that would show a malignant process or state in the body.

Still there are 3 sub reports saying:

(2) - 7 mm hepatic cyst in S2 (What does it mean? It is dangerous or need a treatment ?)
(3) - 4 mm kidney stone (Do I need to remove them ?)
(4) - very discreet FDG accumulation in the epididimys, but the report syas that it is simmetric on both sides, and the very discreet status and that it is exacly on the same area on both sides confirms that these are not malign. It is probably a low level inflammation, but since it is not causing any symptom nothing must be done. (Ps.: I havn't had sexual intercourse 5 days prior to the scan.)

Please interpret for me the overall report (1) and the sub remarks (2), (3) and (4). How should I interpret the report overall, is it negative (o.k.) or problematic nad gives a cause for concern for me ?

Thx and kind regards:

Gabor Komjati
(man, ageg 50)
A small cyst in the liver is an incidental finding.
Small simple cysts do not need treatment.
Kidney stones in the kidney do not need to be removed.
The epidytimus finding is not significant, unless you have symptoms.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thx for the answer, it is calming for me.


What can be behind the epidytimus thing, inflammation, bacteria, no sex life over the 5 days before the scan or cannot be said ? Is it an incidental sate and go off probably ?


The summary report (1) what does it mean, that no malignant state can be detected, is that mean that it is ok for me and no reason for concern now ? Usually, what do you suggest within how many years should I go to PET-CT as precautionary to protect my health again ?

The epidytimus might simply be congested.
Nothing more than that.

report one means no cancer.

I do not think that full body scans are indicated at all..they have not been shown to protect health.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Sorry, I meant the full body PET-CT not for protection, but either to get to know that I have malignant process in my body of not, and if yes, I just want to know as early as possible with the help of PET-CT scan, that to wait until the first symptoms, that would delay the possible therapy and the effectiveness of that due to late state. This what I meant, sorry for that. So my last question is, that for this reason - precautionary - what do you suggest to repeat it ?


All the previous ansewrs are clear for me and meet 100% of my expectation this is may last one.

I suggest that you do not need to repeat it.
There is no evidence that it helps with prevention.
There is no research standard as when to repeat it.
Whole body CT scanning is a risk to cause cancer , in addition.
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