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My daughter has suddenly developed tiny red stringy veiny

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My daughter has suddenly developed tiny red stringy veiny ype things on her eyelid and upper back. any idea what this could be?
Can you either describe these a bit further or--better--post a photo on this page?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
best way to describe is they look like tiny little red worms about 1cm long on the surface of her upper back and along the bottom of her upper eyelids. she has had the ones on her eyelids for about 3 weeks and the ones on her back for about a week. she did have chicken pox about a 7 weeks ago. they dont bother her. oh and she has had a runny nose recently.
OK. This sounds either like A skin infection like cellulitis, but since it's somewhat diffuse, it could be a sign of a strep infection elsewhere like the throat or the urine. Best thing to do is have a doctor take a look at her because she likely needs antibiotics for this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you. is this a serious condition?
I don't think so at all, but with strep, antibiotics are needed to prevent rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart valve disease.
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