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I am feeling very low lots of back pain going up and round

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I am feeling very low lots of back pain going up and round cranial part of head and burning sensations only treatment offered by doctors is loads of pills talk to a different one every time haven't slept for 2or 3 weeks aged 68 what shall I do. I know what I feel like doing
Hi, welcome to justanswer , with back pain there could be many issues involved .
The pain could be product of different conditions from : backbone discs inflammation, bone degenerative changes ( osteoarthritis ) , strained muscles, back bone joint inflammation, irregular or abnormal spine curvature, spinal stenosis ( in which the intervertebral space becomes too narrow, producing nerve root compression and a lot of pain), back vertebrae displacement, calcium loss, vitamin D deficiency, fibromyalgia ( this is a condition in which the patient basically develops an extra sensitivity to painful stimuli ) and the presence of an herniated disc ( in which the soft part of the intervertebral disc bulges out or slips out of its central position , producing nerve root compression, surrounding tissue inflammation ,like the nerve roots become compressed the patient could experience a numbness, tingling or burning sensation).
It would be important for your doctor to determine which of these conditions is producing your symptoms so You can receive a more specific treatment , although some patients symptomatology improve with the use of antiinflammatory medication . Others could need other types of treatment like cortisone injections , medications like gabapentin or pregabalin( which alleviate nerve pain ), a muscle relaxer if there is muscle spasm like Flexeril . There are also severe cases in which surgery could be necessary, although this is always the last option.
There are things that you could do ,in the meantime, to alleviate the pain like taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen which you can get over the counter , applying cold or warm pads , avoid any type of activities that worsen the pain, you could also get a Capsaicin cream which you can get over the counter to apply on the affected area ( always use gloves when you apply this cream ( this cream could have a little burning sensation but it decreases Substance P a pain neurochemical transmitter , decreasing or alleviating the pain ) ) . It is extremely important for you to have a healthy diet ( rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains ) and maintain a healthy body weight to avoid putting extra-pressure on your back muscles , moderate physical activity is also important and it would be recommendable to talk with your doctor so he can perform some tests specially a bone density test to determine if you could be suffering from osteoporosis . In that case, your doctor will prescribe biphosphonates like Fosamax or Actonel to gain bone mass and regenerate bone tissue .
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