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I just noticed they spelled my name wrong on my oxford

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i just noticed they spelled my name wrong on my oxford health card. its been like that for years. and i just went to the emergencey room and got alot of testing done. i gave them my correct spelling with my provider id # . is that gonna be a big problem? thnx


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This should not be a big problem and it does occur from time to time. I have an unusual last name(not listed here) and have had the same thing happen.

You do need to call your insurance company and make them aware of this so that they can change it. You should be fine to wait until Monday morning to do this, as you are unlikely to get anyone to help you with this over the weekend.

I don't think you need to worry about it, as long as you let your insurance be aware of this so that they can look for the incoming charges.

Please reply to this post if you have further questions.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
now all the yrs i had the wrong spelling and all the claims over the yrs regular doctors visits and blood tests and anything else they paid, that shouldnt be a problem too? 15 yrs i had the wrong spelling just never noticed. my id # should stay the same too?
I really don't think so. I have seen this happen. They will probably make a note in the file/computer of the old spelling and the new spelling. Obviously, all your bills were paid, right? Your id number will stay the same, they will correct your name and should issue you a new card though.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yup they were all paid, i was nervous of the hospital bill it should be hefty they gave me a cat scan , chest xray, all blood work. i have 200$ hosp copay. those tests should coverded, not sure if u can aswer that one. thnx for your help

I can understand your fear of them not being paid, as these procedures, especially the ct scan can be expensive. But they will be paid if they were medically necessary. And the doctors don't run the test if they don't at least have symptoms of a condition that need to be ruled out. Can you tell me what your symptoms were? Also, do you go to the ER frequently? How often have you gone in the last few years?

I am stepping away from the computer for an hour or two at the very most. I will look for your reply when I come back right away though. I don't think what you tell me would make any difference, insurance companies are regulated and they can't 'just not pay' for something, but still I can give you a more positive answer if I knew a few more details.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

well for two months i was getting light headed and went to see my pcp. he thought it was my sinuses and prescibed nasonex. did that for a month no change . he sent me to an ent. the ent said i had no sinus problem and thought my pcp was lax in his diognoses. my blood preasure was high at the ent. he wanted me to go back to my pcp.but i changed him to a new doctor. i was going to see him this comming wed. but on fri at work( im a plumber) i was on my back under a sink, i reached for something and had heart palpitations and a pop i felt in my head and my arm went numb. SCARY! so i dropped everthing and went to the emergencey room. they gave me a cat scan, chest xray and blood work, all the tests came back neg. so the doc said i should see a nuroligist to get an mri, which can pick up things the cat didnt. i was feeling better after 4 or five hrs so they let me go home. i have high bloodpreasure and take meds for that. my presure was 160/ 80 when i left. im seeing my new pcp on wed too. now with my coverage i need a referal from my pcp for specialists. but the hosp doc said he gave me a referal. can he do it or does my pcp need to do that. and i cant remember the last time i went to the emerg room. thnx

Yes, that would be scarey.

And, yes an ER doctor can give you a referral, because it is urgent. Still call your insurance and let them know about the name change and the ER visit and the neurology visit tomorrow. It doesn't hurt to do so.

You absolutely did the right thing by going to the ER, and your insurance will cover that (unless you have some unusual cap to your insurance...but that is unlikely but I have to say that since I haven't actually looked at your particular policy) . (I'm glad you are feeling better)

Try to rest until you see the Doctor on Wednesday. Or at least don't do any thing too stressful. Take breaks and remember to always take slow and deep breaths, when ever you notice that you are not, but especially if you start to feel stressed for any reason. That will help to keep your blood oxygenated.. To be safe, don't strain on the bath room stool either (that can sometimes increase blood pressure and you don't need that right now). Be sure to take your BP medication. Don't eat any thing salty as much as possible.

Feel free to follow up now or at any time.

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