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What causes thinning of the lungs. Is there any treatment

Resolved Question:

what causes thinning of the lungs. Is there any treatment for this.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
Hi, welcome to justanswer , I suppose what they told him ,is that he is experiencing lung thickening instead of lung thinning . This condition is usually product of airways and lung tissue inflammation, which could be product of chronic exposure to infectious microorganism or irritants , usually smoking .
The airways become inflamed and thicker which reduces the airflow and oxygen flow , as consequence, the patient begins to experience this shortness of breath, hard time breathing or breathing difficulty .
There is treatment , in many occasions , specially when there is chronic or long term tissue damage, the patient will need to take medications on a long term basis . The treatment will usually include bronchodilators to widen the airways and decrease bronchospasm ( airways tract constriction), diuretics ( if there is accumulation of fluid in the lungs), antibiotics if there is an underlying infectious process, corticosteroids to alleviate tissue inflammation, fluids , nebulization , oxygen therapy and physiotherapy .
You should take him to his primary care physician so he can be properly treated, he will refer him to a Pulmonologist if it is necessary .
If you notices your dad can not breathe or is experiencing shortness of breath , you must take him to the Emergency so He can be treated immediately , this could be dangerous .
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