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I had an MRI on my Lumbosacral Spine. The report states I

Resolved Question:

I had an MRI on my Lumbosacral Spine. The report states I have a left adnexal cyst that is posterior to my uterus. What
Does that mean?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  On Call MD replied 5 years ago.
On Call MD :

Welcome to Just Answer It is my pleasure to help you today

Customer: Hi. Do u have information/answer to my question?
On Call MD :

the adnexa is the tissues beside the uterus which include ovaries and fallopian tubes

On Call MD :

it is common for the normal functioning ovaries to produce 6 - 7 follicular cysts per year. These adnexal cysts are of benign nature and get resolved on their own. They are considered as a common part of menstrual cycle. However, they present a problem when they persists for too long or become abnormally large

Customer: What is a cyst and what can happen if u have one?
On Call MD :

a cyst is a sac filled with fluid in the ovary

Customer: What is a Pelvic. Ultrasound that is a recommendation to see the
On Call MD :

so you still have your period?

On Call MD :


Customer: Size of the cyst ? Is a Pelvic ultrasound what u get when u are
Customer: Pregnant?
On Call MD :

In most women, adnexal cyst produces no symptoms at all. They are often reported accidentally while routine gynecological examination.

Customer: Yes I still have a period, it is not every month. I think I am entering
On Call MD :

ultrasound is what you get when you are pregnant yes

Customer: Mentapause.
On Call MD :

In pre-menopausal women, the causes of adnexal cyst are mostly ectopic pregnancies, endometria, polycystic ovaries, tubo-ovarian abscess

On Call MD :

so thats why ultrasound is recommended to get better understanding of what would be the cause of it if any thing serious

On Call MD :

Adnexal cyst is a pretty generic term that does not indicate the magnitude of seriousness

Customer: What are the chances the cyst can rubs hire and what happens when it
Customer: does?
Customer: What is the recommended treatment for the cyst?
On Call MD :

the fluid may irritate the pelvic lining and cause pain, often severe. Most of the time the pain begins to gradually subside over the course of the next few days

Customer: What is the treatment for the pain?
On Call MD :

another reason for ultra sound is to check if it ruptured if it did there would be fluid in the pelvic cavity behind the uterus

Customer: What is the treatment if it ruptures?
On Call MD :

If a cyst is present and is larger than 5 or 6cm, and if you are having a lot of pain, sometimes we will recommend a laparoscopy to remove the cyst. If it has ruptured, and your pain is getting better, then we usually just give pain medicine and watch to see what happens. If pain does not begin to improve within several hours, or if your blood count drops, then we have to do a laparoscopy to make sure you are not having any internal bleeding. Sometimes birth control pills are used to help decrease your chances of getting an ovarian cyst again.

On Call MD :

just to let you know that it is a very common problem

Customer: What is done with
Customer: What is done when a laparoscopy is performed? Is it surgery, or just
On Call MD :

however most of the time, an ovarian cyst will spontaneously resolve in 8 to 12 weeks.

Customer: Done in he
On Call MD :

laparoscopy is surgery yes its a camera with probe to see whats going on inside the abdomen it is done under general anesthesia

Customer: What is done when a laparoscopy is performed? Is it surgery or
Customer: Done in the office under numbness?
On Call MD :

no it is done in the hospital in operating room

Customer: What is the recovery time? What are the chances the cyst can be
Customer: Cancer?
On Call MD :

we worry about cancer in post menopausal adenxal cyst

Customer: Is post after a women starts menopause and is
On Call MD :

recovery if laparoscopy is done is usually very quick 3-4 days

On Call MD :

yes after menopause

Customer: done going through it? What is the recovery time?
Customer: Is it done through a regular Obtrucian or s
Customer: Specialist?
On Call MD :

yes the OBGYN dr do it

Customer: So in my situation with still having a period
Customer: Every few months , cancer is a slim possibility?
On Call MD :

less likely to be tumor

On Call MD :

in general Fortunately, most ovarian cysts do not require surgical removal and are not caused by cancer

Customer: What does that mean?
On Call MD :

it means that in your case the chance of it being cancer is less than 1%

Customer: What is the recommended time to get the ultrasound
Customer: once u find out there is a cyst?
On Call MD :

on your next OBGYN visit unless severe pain or bleeding happen go to emergency room for urgent one

On Call MD :

was I able to answer all your concerns tonight?

Customer: Would a cyst have shown up through a regular
Customer: OBGUY appt.?
On Call MD :

Ovarian cysts can sometimes be detected during a pelvic examination, although an imaging test, usually a pelvic ultrasound, is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

Customer: Yes. I just had one more that is above?
Customer: When do they recommend an ultrasound after s
Customer: OBGyn exam ?
On Call MD :

again if there is no severe pain or bleeding or any abnormal symptom it can be scheduled ASAP unless pain or bleeding then it is emergency that needs to be done at once

On Call MD :

and usually it is repeated every 6-8 weeks to monitor it

Customer: How can I tell if I have bleeding if it is a rupture
Customer: Or my period? When menopause starts how long does
On Call MD :

if you have pelvic pain

Customer: the periods last and how apart are they?
On Call MD :

the periods vary from a woman to other in perimenopuasal period tehy are mostly irregular

Customer: What is perimenopsusal?
On Call MD :

Perimenopause lasts up until menopause, the point when the ovaries stop releasing eggs. In the last one to two years of perimenopause, this decline in estrogen accelerates

Customer: How can I tell if the pain I get with periods is normal or
Customer: A rupture of the cyst?
On Call MD :

it would be acute severe pain not the normal cramps

On Call MD :

do you have any more clarifications regarding the adenxal cyst?

Customer: No I think I am good. Thank you.
On Call MD :

you are most welcome

On Call MD :

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Customer: U too. Thank you.
On Call MD :

have a good night

Customer: You too.
On Call MD :

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