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I cannot straighten my right arm all the way. The injury

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I cannot straighten my right arm all the way. The injury seemed to originally occur after a round of golf. At first it was very painful and I had little range of motion. It seemed to flair up after golfing so I quit going half way through the summer. Now some 6 months later I have better range of motion and almost no pain. I bowl and play volleyball a couple of times a week and the only time it hurts is if I try to over extend it very quickly. It sometimes cracks and if I brace my weight on that arm while getting up it sometimes feels "sloppy". I am 26 years old and very active. Any idea what could be wrong with my elbow that I still can't fully extend it?
Where exactly is the pain and is there any tenderness or swelling? Are you saying that there's an obvious decrease in the angle you can extend the elbow?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The pain is on the outside of my elbow. There was a lot of swelling when it first occured but not much now.

Yes there is an obvious decrease. If I extend both of my arms straight out with with my palms up my right arm doesn't get straight like my left arm does. I can bend both of them all the way up however.

OK. This is obviously a chronic tendonitis, similar to tennis elbow. At this point you need to see a physiatrist--a physical medicine MD specialist--for a customized therapy program to see if the problem can be resolved and full range of motion reestablished. This may also take a cortisone injection. Hopefully this won't come down to having to see a surgeon for releasing an entrapped tendon.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I've considered this too, but wouldn't there be a lot of pain if it was chronic tendonitis? Most things that I've read indicated that tendonitis would result in pain and weakness in the joing. I haven't noticed any weakness in the joint and it only hurts under exterme circumstances, but for the most part I don't notice it.
Well there could have been just chronic inflammation without a lot of pain but either the tendon is entrapped or there was a small avulsion fracture that's causinging the problem. I'd get an x-ray to look for that.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sounds good. Thanks for your help.
Welcome but please let me know how things go.