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After previously being on this site and still worrying, I am

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After previously being on this site and still worrying, I am 20 years old with a breast lump, I finally went back too my GP Who thinks I have a fibroma??, I have an ultra sound scan in a week, my only concern is that I am suffering from lower back pain. Its not excruciating pain but its a dull ache occassionaly near the coccyx but I do have it on a daily basis. Im just wondering if it is caused by the worrying, or is this back pain related to a breast lump?
There is nothing to worry about .Breast lumps do occur in your age which are innocent or benign called Fibroadenoma or Fibromas.Your back pain is not related with Fibroma of beast .It can be due to some sports injury or trauma at coccyx in past years.Please read about fibroadenoma here:
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you very much, all I am taking at the moment is pain killers, which is not helping at all, I just found it coincidental that when I had this breast lump, now Im getting lower back pain, and I am putting two and two together of course, is there anything I can do for the pain?
You must go for one X ray of the back or spine so that the real cause behind this pain should be disclosed.Most likely it is coincidental however better not to ignore it because simple pain killers are not reducing it.But it is unrelated to breast lump.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Im near enough reassured, one last thing really I suppose it all balls down to the likely hood of the Big C, and stupidly enough Iv been looking up breast cancer and the link between the back pain, even though Im 20, do you think that there is even the slightest chance that without knowing the results of an ultrasound scan, I have reason too be concerned ?
Considering your age back pain can also be due to pelvic inflammatory disease or PID especially if you have any foul smelling vaginal discharge.You need not to correlate breast lump with back pain because this lump is a breast mouse or fibroma not a cancer if its fulfilling the criteria:
There is no discharge from nipple.
Its not attached to skin.
There are no enlarged lymph nodes.
It is slowly growing and a bit painful.
Hope its close to above criteria then you need not to worry.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The lump is pretty much smooth, oval and slightly rubbery (soft maybe), its hard too say whether it is movable,it has slight give, all im getting is lower back pain no other symptoms,the lump in my breast is painless.
Cancerous lumps are rough and hard .You can tell their margins.They grow quickly and cause symptoms .Your one does not look like any dangerous lump.Because if you are suspecting that it is a cancer that has spread to your spine then I will say it is totally unrelated.Breast cancer at last stage or stage 4 spread to pine before this stage it will cause so many other symptoms like skin of breast color changing,ulcer formation ,nipple discahre ,spread to liver etc.So please do not worry.
Dr. Nomi and 6 other Health Specialists are ready to help you