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im having a clear discharge from my penis randomly thought

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im having a clear discharge from my penis randomly thought out the day and after going pee also i have been experiencing an infrequent tingling in the same area for a couple of days now i have no pain when i go pee and no other discomfort i have no viable bumps lesion cuts or rash the tingling is not in my urithra and to some extent i think sometimes my mind is making me believe things are on my skin when they are not can you please give me more info i have done a ton of research on the internet oh and i might add oddly enough that discharge is very sticky and some time jelly like i have a sample i collected and it was like a bit of rubber cement
Hi--let me ask first, since you've done some research here--since I'm assuming the question you have is whether or not you have an STD,. why would you think otherwise?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well i have not been nearly as sexualy active as befor and i have almost stopped masterbating but the thing is about 2 and a half weeks ago i did have sex the discharge did not start till after i stopped masterbating but even when i do its still there also the area where the tingling comes from is an area where i gave myself a friction rash from masterbating its heald as far as i can tell the only thing im confused about is how do i have discharge but no other symtoms and a random tingleing that seems to be with the region where i had the friction befor as i have said no bups or anything where the tingle is and no pain when i pee or anything so im just hoping for more insite here i have also asked the women who happends to be in her 30 so i assume she get the usualy heath work up if she has any stds she said she does not of course that cant allways be trusted
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
also one more question because i ten to over analzide my penis lataly is it possible for the skin to look like it has bumps when it dose not because some time i swear i see very very and i meanvery small bumps but then when the light changes i can no longer find these also what is the usal couse for tingling on the skin of the penis because i know it happends all by its self
Actually, a chlamydial infection can cause a clear discharge with little or no other symptoms. While there can be some pre-ejaculate that can be seen at the end of the penis from time to time, you have to consider this an STD until proved otherwise, so I suggest you get a urethral swab and cultures. As for small bumps, those could be Fordyce spots--small cysts and not an STD.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok so here is just a bit more info for you on that dischge first off i know this will sound kinda grose but when i poo it tends to come out much much more and here is the thing i have just recently observed from this discharge it tends to have a semi liquidy sticky like fluid that surounds what i can only discribe as a jelly blob and that blob is so sticky i can and so clagulated i can actulay pick it out of the rest of the fluid with a thumb tack i now have three samples of these blobs so to speak can you give me some insight to this mybe
Well, a bowel movement puts pressure on the prostate, sort of like a digital prostate exam does, and if theres extra fluid in the prostate it can come out looking that way. This is more often seen when a man hasn't ejactulated at all for a while, but obviously that is prostatic fluid. You may just have a slightly waterlogged prostate without any infection, but it still would be a good idea to get the cultures.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what are the typical symptoms and couses of a watter prostate and like i said i have reduced my masterbation alot also if it is an std and i know you cant diagnose here but what would be you highst one on the list im sorry im taking up so much of your time but i have done so much research into stds that every week now when anything happends to me down there i freak out and look for answers and then think i have somthing new but i dont want to rule out std but i could not find next to any stds with this kind of syptom also remeber i have been paying attention to this for over a week now and the discharge only started about 4 days ago at best and as a matter of fact im leaking some right now sorry for the visual also what do you think the cahnces are that the tingle is related to the discharge thanks once again ill try to get out of you hair but all these forums on line about this stuff only make more questions and with anwers to them i might beable to stop freaking out
No problem with your questions, but I do have a problem with my patients Googling their symptoms, since you don't know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, with the information you find. It is entirely possible to have an STD with no other symptoms than urethral discharge and if your prostate is leaking its likely that it's infected.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
so what might you think in regards XXXXX XXXXX is the most likaly stds that would make somthing like this happen as i i would like to at least have an idea of how stressed out i should let this get me otherwise i wind up doing what you said not to do and googling every thing and because so many sypptoms couse so maything i have no idea how to seperate them and get very stressed out and start thinking i have everything from random discharge to herpies (oh i hope to all that is good that you dont think it is that) and some time i even start thinking i have cancer so a bit of direction would do wonders to calm my nerve even though i know you cant diagnose this way i can tell though you are a very caring DR. to put up with all my replys i have to say i have ask other DRs. on here about things and they tend to want me to get off as fast as they can get there money so thank you for your understanding of what im going though
I understand your concern--albeit a little overblown and I'll stay with you for as long as it takes. As I said before, chlamydia is the one STD that I have seen with no symptoms other than a urethral discharge. Certainly this isn't gonorrhea and it sounds nothing like herpes or cancer. The only way I think you can get over this is to get the cultures and, if they're negative, all's well. And, even if it's chlamydia, antibiotics are completely curative.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
oh your helping put me at ease very much i wish you were my DR. lol your so helpful i was thinking all this time i have hepies because of the tingle and i have read that that plus discharge can happen with no blisters and so im freaking out and therefor afraid to go to a clinck to be honest herpies was what i was thinking the mind gose to the worst every time and to be more honest i think im afraid to find out because i really really dont want to know that i have hepies i know it sounds bad but im so afraid to think that its making me loose sleep oh and i forgot one side note i got allergies areally bad for about 3 days befor any of this started happening
Actually you demonstrate a very human trait--no news is bad news. The average lag time from the time when a woman notices a lump in her breast and the time that she goes to the doctor about it is anywhere between three and six months (and sometimes never). The false logic/rationalization is that if he doesn't see me he can't tell me it's cancer, so I won't have to worry. I honestly don't think this is herpes, but do yourself a favor and get the whole enchilada--urethral cultures, urine cultures. and screening for HIV, hepatitis, and herpes--you'll feel so much better when all that comes back negative.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the only issue i have is im in collage and there for not to wealthy any ideas on the kinds of places i can go to have this done on the cheap of free as my med inssurance ran out when i turned26 by the way i like that fact you tossed in there i think i might bring that up in my phyc class if you dont mind and its funny to me not that you say you dont think its hepies those syptomes of timging are not around as much and i know the mind can make things happen that are not there or highten things that were not noticable for the most part the only time i feel the tingling is when i think about it i know i need to get tested i think i just need peace of mind befor i go so i can feel safe doing it i have been tested 4 times this year i had climittia once a year ago ad then went in three other times freaking out thinking i had things and never came back with any thing but then again all they did was the stangered piss test
The cheapest way may be a local state run clinic or the health department, and if we're only talking about the urethral swab, that might run a little less than $150 including office visit and lab cost. Here's another one for you--your right big toe..........Until you read those words, I'll bet you weren't even aware of that toe. Now, I dare you not to think about it off and on for at least the next minute. If we direct our attention to a specific part of the body, we can imagine it feels "funny." The pain and tingling of an STD isn't just something that's there one second and gone the next.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
wow thank you so much do you think this might be a yeast infection i do have athlites foot from drill boots and i was thinking maybe some like watter from a bath got in there and infected my urtithra but i thinkthat is unlikaly you know what is funny not my foot has a tingle and now my testicals tingle lol at least now i can tell the tingles are the same thought out the body you know if this was not the interface it was and it was ok for me to know where you are and the name of your practice i would send som many new paciants to you as i am giftted in the way of gabb and getting people directed to the right people also do you know the name for when a person can read about a medical issue and then think they ahve it i know hpocondrac is one but i know MDs some times get the way i am getting going though school to be honest this is about the 20 time i have thought i have had somthign and looked for days on it but this is the first time i think i may have some thing
As far as the reading material there isn't anything that won't cause the same problem. Not yours or anyone else's fault--you don't have the medical experience to add the judgment needed to arrive at an answer. A good deal of medical practice is an educated hunch--I think this is what's going on so let's try this. Didn't work? OK let's default to my second choice. You see this all the time in many House episodes. Yeast is a thought, and it's not an STD per se. If it were external, Lamisil would work but if in the urethra itself, it would take oral Diflucan. Sorry, it's against the rules to give you more personal information about me, but I'm a licensed US physician practicing in the southeast US.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
you know i got some pills a while ago from my DR. to take care of my feet but never took them because after the first one i got a really bad rash on the good feller lol and stop taking them they were for women prolly reason why the pharmisit looked at me funny the reason i bring this up is would it be a good idea for me to take what i have left and see what happend to my discharge im sure you will say no as i had sever itching form befor and once again im no whear neer being a dr. an marketer yes a dr. no im still very impressed at how willing you are to talk to me about theses things it means a grat deal to me as i have been needing to talk to some one and i think that is part of the reason for all my crazyness so that my question should i take those pills lol are ther any kinda of home test i can run to kinda see what this might be to semi rule things out i know ill still need a doc to look oh and i know you cant give out info i hope you dont think i was trying to get that out of you
Well, since I don't know what the pills are and since they were for your feet (maybe Diflucan) and since you had a reaction to them, no that would't be a good idea. There are yeast tests out there but even if that were positive it wouldn't rule out an STD.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok so i have some final qestion that only some one with experianc like you can answer that should stop all my freaking out 1 how rare is it to have herpies and no blisters 2 because i cantantlay think im finding bumps when im more then likaly seeing just nomal skin if i were to get a bump that was of concern should it be fairly easy to spot meaning i dont have to stare and mipulat the skin a million times to find it also how big are bumps usualy when there any issue and not somthing the skin in the pinis is natraly doing this is where i get most of my freaking out is i think i see bumps but then i dont really know if i am seening anything at all and lastly i wont beable to get to the clinic till at least next week what kinds of thing should i be looking for if things are not looking good i think if you answer this i might finaly stop thinking i have everything under the sun

oh and the pill was for vaginal yeast infections i can find out the name but like i said im not going to be taking it any time soon lol it make me itch like crazy on the pp lol '

The pill was most likely Diflucan--fluconazole. Herpes is very recognizable--you have my permission to Google pictures of that--small clear blisters with surrounding red or reddish purple skin. Doesn't pop up one day and be gone the next. As far as stopping the Googling and the overexamining your penis? You may have obsessive/compulsive disorder and it may actually be involving more than just a worry about your penis and STD's so it would help to get some counseling for that. Go to a clinic, get all the tests, and walk away happy because at most you may have a chlamydia or a yeast infection, both of which are entirely curable.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
wow thanks so much for your help lol its so funny to me but i used to never have anything like this where im freaking out all the time and i dont do this with anything differnt i think its because i have been seeing to many pictures and reading to many things about stds online
but you have if anything put my mind at ease more so hen any one i have talk to about anything invalving imy peranoia so thank you very much i have to thank you very deeply for your halp and your taking the time to answer all my question you are a true DR. that is praticing for all the right reasons i only wish there was more i could do to thank you for all this time you have given me in answering my many question if i had more money i would gladly give you more then what i am about to but again i have to get though school so i can help people as well thank you so much once again i already feel a million times better at least as well as i can feel at the moment
Glad I could help--and you can stop obsessing over your right big toe now (LOL). If ever you have need to talk to me again about this or anything else, just let me know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
wel thank you very much i guess that give me one last question how is it after i pay you i can send you a message on here again i mean i should be able to figure it out but i should as an expert lol and ill tell you its allways the damn big toe with men itnt it i used to think the penis was siple now i dont want to even know how it works lol
Well, the anatomy and physilogy isn't all that complicated. I'll leave you with a joke--when I prescribe Viagra to a guy I tell him not to chew it and to swallow it very quickly unless he wants a stiff neck. You can either go to my profile and type in a new question there, or you can begin a question with "For Dr. Chip only/" Either way gets it directly to me.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok thank you very much ill make sure all my questions go to you and i like that one ill remember that on for my boi class im in and i suppose now insead of freaking out i can just ask you questions and move on its nice to have an online DR.

Have you heard about the Viagra computer virus?
It turns your 3 ½ inch floppy into a hard disk.
OOOOOooo I always thought the Mad Men 5th Avenue ad guys were very savvy when they did the Levitra commercial which was the first to mention the risk of priapism--erection lasting over four hours being an emergency. True, but very rare and they could have listed other adverse reactions, but they picked that one just so the guys in the back of the bar would only hear "four hour erection" and say, "Damn--didn't think I needed some medicine like that before, but I sure want some now."
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
haha that a good one thanks again for you help with all my needs
Any time.
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