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Dr. Singh
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A few weeks agp I had what appeared to be a sinus infection

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A few weeks agp I had what appeared to be a sinus infection or a bad allergic reaction to dust. Not sure which it was, but my doctor placed me on Z-Pack and a steroid spray. I had lots of clear mucus coming from my head, so I am not sure it was bacterial. Since then, she also diagnosed me as having exposure to Mold and having a Fungal Infection (secondary to the antibiotic therapy). I am on Nystatin and oral Lamasil. My question is that I continue to have a sensation of fullness in my throat area. It does not feel like a lump, but more like a dry mucous. I have no trouble swallowing, I have no physical lumps in my throat, my appetite is very good, I have lost no weight, I am not coughing (except when drainage hits my throat). I do have occasional heartburn, which my physician seems to think is Acid Reflux from the yeast-antibiotic combination. I started taking herbs which seem to help with digestion as well as digestive enzymes. Overall, I feel good, but want to get some additional feedback on what this might be. By the way, my ears do feel very stuffy. I have known dust and pollen allergies, and occasionally I will get light-headed when the ear congestion is severe. I had this same episode a couple of years ago when I was being treated for oral-digestive yeast infection after a bout of antibiotics. However, I do seem to have year-round post-nasal drip and an occasional "barking" cough when it gets very bad. When I cough, it is usually non-productive. The little secretions that come up are thin and clear.
Thank you for your detailed description. From your symptoms, it appears you likely have Upper respiratory infection. In most cases it is caused by a viral infection. However if the symptoms persist for more than 7-10 days, or there is persistent phlegm or mucus, we suspect bacterial infection in addition to the virus. So I would recommend continuing with antibiotics. I am not sure about fungal infection unless your doctor specifically saw any signs on exam such as thrush. Fungal infection can occur when a person is on antibiotics. So continue with current treatment. Taking Sudafed for few days won't be a bad idea unless there is major increase in BP.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am aorry it has taken me so long to respond. I thought I was still waiting for an expert. So, you believe the sensation of fullness in the throat is related to an infection. I have no symptoms of an infection. I had an infection about 3 weeks ago, and that has subsided. Now, I have the lingering sense of fullness when I swallow in my throat that feels like congealed mucus. My doctor did see signs of thrush. Sudafed definitely raises my BP, so that is out.
No problem. Thrush can cause these symptoms. Continue with antifungals. Also after a viral infection is resolved, some irritation in the throat can persist for weeks. I would also recommend following up again with your doctor in 1 week if your symptoms do not improve. There is a possibility of enlarged tonsils that can retain pus and food particles causing irritation.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Dr. Singh. I have noticed that the fullness in my throat seems to be directly related to the fullness in my ears. There is a need to blow my nose while pinching to unstop my ears. Since I do not have tonsils, I will rule that out. The sensation has not worsen over time, but is more of a nuisance feeling than anything. Fluid and gargling seem to relieve the sensation. But, it feels like it is continuous through my head and the back of my throat. The Benadryl with mild decongestant is loosening some of the mucus in my throat, but is very mild since it is baby Benadryl as I am sensitive to medicine. ( I tend to be a naturalist for the most part)
These symptoms are consistent with URI. If you still have congestion, it may be a chronic infection. For now, continue with current treatment, and also drink plenty of fluids and electrolytes to keep yourself hydrated. Also if you continue to get repeated infections, at some point your doctor may consider having you see an ENT doctor for consideration of surgical treatment.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you very much. I will accept the answer and it is consistent with my beliefs that it is a Chronic URI that seems to be also precipitated by dust and pollen allergies (mine are pretty severe).
there is likely an allergic component to it as well.
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