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I would like to know what screenings would be advisable

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I would like to know what screenings would be advisable given I may lose my subsidized health insurance because of the economy. I'm 63 and have had a mammary and will soon have a colonoscopy. The subsidized insurance will help me pay but I haven't been having reugular physicals since 2007 when I was employed. My income now is well below poverty level and I need to be smart about my health care. The insurance I now have will probably be canned by the legislature soon and I have a few years before medicare and SS. so are there other screenings I should consider at this time? The health care professionals I speak with are helpful but I haven't seen a doctor for a long while. They don't promote unnessessary procedures but don't seem to be reluctant about them if asked for. what should I ask for? (don't get me wrong....I'm very grateful for the health care professionals that I do see)
I think it would be best to give you a link for this. There are things like colonscopy, mammograms and PAP smears for which the recommended timing of screenings changes at times, and then there are yearly or semiyearly recommendations. If, after looking at the link, you have more questions, please come back to this page and ask them and I'll be glad to discuss them with you.
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