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CamilleRN, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Experience: 20 yrs experience in ER, ICU, Neuro, OR, Chemo,Cardiology, Dermatology and MORE.
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I have some pitting edema in my shins on both sides. None at

Resolved Question:

I have some pitting edema in my shins on both sides. None at all in my ankles or feet. The edema is only on the very front of shin area, not at all on the sides of my lower legs. Me being a worrying type automatically think its due to my heart!!! But like I said my feet are not swollen nor are the ankles. I am overweight.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  CamilleRN replied 5 years ago.
CamilleRN :

Hi and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and I am happy to help you today. Pitting edema is often the result of problems with the organs such as the heart, the liver or the kidneys, it occurs when fluid is trapped between the skin and the tissue. If all of your organs checked out fine, it may be due to too much sodium in the diet which leads to fluid retention. Does this seem to get worse as the day progresses or do you wake up with the edema in the morning?

Customer: I've only noticed it the last 2 days. It's not a lot of edema just slight, can't be seen only felt. I had EKG a year ago and holter monitor 2 yrs ago, all normal. I did walk in some horrible flip flops out n a pasture area....could that cause it? I'm always scared that I have a heart problem (health anxiety) that I see a therapist for
Customer: It's t he same all say
Customer: Sorry, the edema is the same all day
CamilleRN :


CamilleRN :

walking in the pasture with ill fitting flip flops may have over worked your leg muscles and caused what you are perceiving as pitting edema... if you can't see it, it must be slight and I would tend to believe that the unusual walk caused it.

Customer: I knew heart problems could be a cause but I assumed that would b more n my ankles and feet not shins only. I can see the indenting when I push down but only goes back to normal in less than 10 seconds
CamilleRN :

I have had this exact experience.. no edema... walking in a soft mushy sand pasture for a couple of hours while training a horse and wondered why the next day my legs felt different.. what it was is that a different set of muscles were used for this kind of ground consistency.

CamilleRN :

then it's ok... you don't have pitting edema

CamilleRN :

I am glad you told me about your anxiety

CamilleRN :

I know how awful it can be to worry about every little thing

CamilleRN :

I have some great tips for that if you are interested?

Customer: Yes I am interested
CamilleRN :


CamilleRN :

Being acutely aware of your body and the most subtle changes, such as an increase in heart rate, can be a catalyst for anxiety...causing your body to shoot out adrenaline which can lead to some or all of these symptoms:

Chest pain , tightness or discomfort

Fear of dying

Fear of losing control

Dizziness or feeling like you might pass out



Hot flashes

Numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, or face

Fast heart rate

Shortness of breath

Feeling like you are choking

Feeling detached or disconnected from reality
Feelings of impending doom

CamilleRN :

For example.. you bend over to pick something up…. Your heart rate goes up.. you become aware of it and become anxious …now starts the barrage of symptoms and a full blown panic attack. Your body is producing adrenaline and the symptoms keep on coming…

The single most important thing to remember is that THIS CAN NOT HARM YOU. It’s just the adrenaline ….. the single most important thing to remember is that these awful feelings WILL pass.

Customer: Thats what I always tell myself, that they can't harm me
CamilleRN :

Good..because it can't! :-) The scariest thing about Anxiety is that it can seem to come out of nowhere.. without a concrete cause that you can pinpoint. The slightest health worry can bring it on. Anxiety can cause alterations in breathing patterns and it may be that you are holding your breath or breathing too rapidly which can cause fatigue all kinds of awful symptoms. When this happens, There is something you can do to stop it..... initiate proper breathing. You can help alleviate the feeling of throat tightness, panic and and shortness of breath by changing your breathing pattern to abdominal breathing. To abdominal breathe ( which is a much more effective breathing technique) place one hand on your abdomen and one hand on your chest... watch to see which rises. It should be the abdomen, NOT the chest.Practice breathing using your abdominal muscles... (to breathe with chest muscles causes fatique and more shortness of breath) by taking in a deep breath through your nose.. making sure only the hand on your abdomen moves, slowly.. and exhale slowly through the mouth.. your abdomen should flatten with exhalation. Do this three breaths at a time. Breathing correctly will immediately eliminate anxiety...., every time. If it comes back do it again. Here is an excellent link to read more about anxiety:

CamilleRN :


Consider taking extra hydration ( atleast 8 glasses of water per day), this will help as well as de-stressing through the use of biofeedback and relaxation techniques ,

definitely plan to get adequate sleep. Sleeping is so important for over all well being.

CamilleRN :

Here is an interesting article and video:

This article explains why incorrect breathing causes anxiety symptoms:

Also look for EASY CALM by John Mercer video series on youtube.. John Mercer has some excellent techniques that work GREAT.

I hope this information helps you. If I can help further, please let me know. You can come back to this question anytime if you feel anxious and need some help, ok?

Customer: Thank u
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