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I have got to get some relief from the brain zaps that I am

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I have got to get some relief from the brain zaps that I am getting from weaning off Cymbalta and now Wellbutrin. I have recently been diagnosed with Biopolar II and have started Depakote. The only time I can get relief is to take a 40 mg Cymbalta and then that lasts a couple days before the zapping really starts in again. My psychiatrist told me to go back to my 200 mg Wellbutrin a day but it still zaps with the Wellbgutrin. The only relief I get is when I take a Cymbalta. I can't explain the anxiety that goes through me when this is happening. It even makes it hard to drive because you have to move your head and eyeys and the zap goes through the brain and down the arm. Any suggestions?
Hi and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and I am happy to help you today. To better understand your situation, can I ask why you want to wean off of the Cymbalta?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Because my Psychiatrist is requesting I do so. He is saying that I should not be on that medication and also taking the Depakote. I have not taken the Cymbalta or the Wellbutrin for about a week now and the zaps are still happening.
Unfortunately there is a syndrome that can occur in some people upon discontinuation of some medications, and Cymbalta is one of those medications. This is called SSRI discontinuation Syndrome ( also known as SSRI Withdrawal Syndrome) and it's cause is not fully understood. For some people it can last days, or weeks for others months and for other people it has been known to last years. The most effective treatment is to have your Doctor re start the medication and work out a plan to taper off VERY SLOWLY over the course of up to a few months. Here is an article to read more about this: HERE
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you. I have printed the information and this is exactly what I thought but not being the doctor wasn't sure. I will share this with my doctor and see if he will put me back on it and then SLOWLY tapering off.
You are very welcome. Please feel free to come back to this question after you see your Doctor if I can help further:-)