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When you do any sort of dipstick/ reactor type test how

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When you do any sort of dipstick/ reactor type test how long after would the results be valid for - or should you only read the tests after the specific time given? I have done some urine dipstick tests as was having some UTI symptoms and nothing untoward showed up on them after a few minutes- but I looked at them after 30 mins out of curiousity and found that they had changed colour to show leukocytes and nitrites. Surely they wouldn't have changed colour if nothing had been present? But then why take so long, do other reactions happen in them after a certain amount of time?
Do you have any symptoms of Urinart tract infection?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Pain in the bladder and needing to go to the toilet more frequently. Sometimes these tests show leukocytes but then nothing comes up in the lab when the urine is sent away.
when was the lab urine examination done last?

How much time later did you first saw the dipstick after putting it in urine?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The lab test was done recently, it was after the doctor read the dipstick. She said there was leukocytes so sent a sample away. Sometimes the dipstick shows up after 2 -3 mins, other times it's when I have gone back to look at it later. My main question is - if there was a trace, but nothing significant, is that when it might show up later and not in the time specified. If the dipstick shows nothing after 3 mins, is that safe to say the urine is at an ok level?
Thanks for all the information.

These test strips shows change in color which is specific to presence of particular substance in urine i.e RBC or leukocytes. The color change takes place after several seconds to a few minutes ( 3-5 )from dipping the strip. If read too early or too long after the strip is dipped, the results may not be accurate. This time is different for different kits. You should check the manual for exact timings. Change after half hour and not valid. Lab test are valid and more accurate. If there is nothing on lab test no need to worry.


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