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Andy PhD DABT, Toxicologist
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board certified with 20 years in research or consulting
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I have now the list of medications found, as discussed.

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Hi Andy, I have now the list of medications found, as discussed. Unfortunately the first letters of each medication has not been copied - this is the best they can give us! If you can hazard an intelligent guess as to what medications are and the probable use, I'd be grateful. Some are pretty obvious, we are in the UK so I'm not sure whether you have the same brand names in the US but any help you can give is appreciated!! Many thanks, ***** ***** Lauren
Pauline :

Hi, I don't think Andy is around at the moment. Do you want to wait for him to come on line or can I help you?


I'd rather wait for Andy for a few days! He knows the background of the case. Thanks, anyway!

Pauline :

No problem, I will opt out . please don't reply as it will bump it back to my list.

Pauline :


Hi Lauren,I just saw this. I will take a look at it soon.Take care,Andy
Vicks Day Med – I could not find this exactly, but I think it is Vicks DayQuil, which is just a cold medication of paracetamol, a cough suppressant, and decongestant.

Sildenafil - This is Viagra for erectile dysfunction or high pulmonary artery pressure. It dilates blood vessels and would not contribute to his death. He is very young to need this, I suspect he thought it would improve sexual performance, which it does not unless you have erectile dysfunction.

Nadin (ammonium tri-iodide) – It seems to be used as a cough suppressant or iodine supplement. If it from vitamin/mineral stores and not a real drug, but a nutritional supplement.

?muran [imuran] (azathioprine) – This is an immunosuppressant which can be used to treated inflammatory bowel disease. There were only 4 of these pills left, but as you see near the bottom of the list there are 100 pills of another brand name, so it seems he had medication for his crohn’s but was not taking it.

?ipramil (cipramil) – An antidepressant, of the newer selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, much like prozac.

Ibuprofen – Very common over the counter pain and inflammatory medication.

?eecmams - I could not figure out what this is.

? max daytime cold and flu – I could not figure out what this is, but it is cold and flu medicine of some sort.

Clarityn – Allergy medicine.

Paracetamol – Very common over the counter pain medication. UK version of acetomenophen or Tylenol.

Ondansetron – An anti-nausea and vomiting medication.

?mperon – I could not find this one.
iodium – This is another iodine based nutritional supplement said to help people who feel tired. It is actually a homeopathic medicine, which is an extremely dilute solution of iodine. This is not considered a real drug.

?pan IBS relief – I could find this one.

noxetine (fluoxetine) – This is another anti-depressant which is classified as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, another brand name for fluoxetine is prozac.

?lodopramide HCl – I could not find this, but it might be loperamide, which is an anti-diarrheal drug, with the brand name Imodium. Or it might be metoclopramide, which is a drug that speeds up empting of the stomach into the intestine and can be used to treat heartburn, with a brand name of Reglan.

?DAFIN [tablets usp]– I could not find this, but there is modafinil, which is a stimulant used to promote wakefulness, with a brand name of Provigil or can be gotten over the counter, which I suspect it was since it was USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), which means it’s purity is good enough to be taken by people. It is put on nutritional supplements or industrial chemicals, it is not needed for drugs since they are already drug grade chemicals.

talopram (citalopram) – Another antidepressant, which works by serotonin reuptake inhibition, like prozac.

zamun (azatioprine) 100 pills – An immunosuppressant, used to treat crohn’s disease. Another brand was mentioned before with only 4 pills, here are 100 pills. Your son had medication for treating his crohn’s but either was not taking it or was rationing it, or saving it for when things got really bad.

So it seems like your son had medication to treat his crohn’s disease, but was either not taking it, rationing it, or saving it for really bad days. However immunosuppressants take time to take effect so saving it for really bad days would not be very helpful. He also had lots of anti-depressants, so he was feeling depressed and trying to get better. He also seemed to be tired since he was taking several nutritional supplements that claim to treat fatigue; this could have been a way to self treat his depression.
What was not found was the pentobarbital, which reinforces the idea that he was not taking that for any medical condition, but probably had obtained it to help him go through with the suicide. Since there was no prescription for the pentobarbital and you can only get it by prescription, at least in America, then I assume he got with through a friend or online from a disreputable source. He seems to have been trying hard to treat his depression, but obviously the treatment wasn’t working.
I’m sorry I could not figure out all of the medications, but some letters were missing.
Take care,
Andy PhD DABT, Toxicologist
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 137
Experience: Board certified with 20 years in research or consulting
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