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I have recently been experiencing a physical sensation

Resolved Question:

I have recently been experiencing a physical sensation almost impossible to describe. It's pervasive and quite awful, not like anything I have ever experienced before--and I'm 83, so that statement covers a lot of ground. It is present a good deal of the time, but does disappear from time to time. When it's present, it seems to be mainly in the abdominal area and is, as I said, pervasive, oddly vague, but so unpleasant, I'd do almost anything to avoid it. I have a history of pyelonephritis with kidney stones. This sensation I'm experiencing is unlike any of that kind of stuff. (I see a urologist regularly, have periodic KUB's, etc.) This sensation is truly depressing. It gives me the impression of a real change in my chemistry.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Singh replied 5 years ago.
Dr. Singh :


Dr. Singh :

To the best of your ability can you describe this sensation? Is there sharp? Dull? does it come and go, or stay? How long does it stay? Does it ache? Throb? Stab? Where exactly in your abdomen is it? Does it accompany any other symptoms? What makes it better? What makes it worse?


The sensation is not circumscribed. I used the word "pervasive" because the it seems to cover my entire mid-torso area. It's not sharp or throbbing--and it's not nausea--but it is a very definite "sick" feeling. Nothing makes it worse, but nothing makes it better. I'm sorry I can't explain it better. As I said, it's not anything I've experienced before. I know I've had mild depression since losing a son (5 yrs. ago), but I also felt that it was lifting. Now I wonder if I might need anti-depressant treatment. (I was given Zoloft about 4 yrs. ago. I could not tell that it made any difference and it was discontinued.)

Dr. Singh :

Thank you for the additional information. If you haven't already done so basic blood work such as CMP, CBC, Lipase to check for the typical causes of abdominal pain should be pursued. These causes include gastritis, pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, colitis, etc. The fact that you cannot pinpoint it and that it doesn't cause much other symptoms could make something more systemic likely so checking for diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune disorders may also be beneficial. This certainly could be a manifestation of depression so seeing your doctor regarding that may be worthwhile. For all these reasons, I recommend you see your doctor for a physical and blood work to determine what the cause of this is.

Dr. Singh :

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Dr. Singh :


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