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Dr. Singh
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I have an appointment with OBGYN this Thursday to discuss my

Resolved Question:

I have an appointment with OBGYN this Thursday to discuss my symptoms but I wanted to facilitate the visit, know the right info to provide, and perhaps questions to ask. Here are my symptoms:
(Scale: 1=extreme, 5=mild)
* "3" nausea (had for almost a month now; thought it was the green tea capsules)
* "2-3" fatigue (it comes and goes - comes mostly; most prominent in the afternoon hours)
* "4" my hands, fingers and legs (skin) itches sometimes
* "4" lower pelvic pain (pressure, fullness - kept thinking it was PMS but too early now)
* "2-3" frequent urination with urgency (that just started in last couple of weeks)
* "2" bouts of incontinence (scary and embarrassing; once a week or so)
* "1" urine sometimes has very strong odor (comes and goes; not food as I been testing)
* "2" I like to relax on the floor/carpet tummy down - a month ago when I got up my back and pelvis hurt so bad, I thought i would have to go to hospital; then went away; haven't tried again but believe above symptoms started soon after (except fatigue - always had that....diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea)
I know something is wrong so a little fearful about doctor's visit. Just hope it's 'fixable'.
Supporting info: I'm peremenopausal, taking Zoloft and over the counter hormone replacement. I take Green Tea Capsules as I'm dieting/trying to lose more weight.
Your thoughts?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Singh replied 5 years ago.
Likely causes of the symptoms you describe are a urinary tract infection, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection. Other causes can be diabetes, thyroid disease. You will require a urinanalysis and pelvic exam as well as blood test to assess for these things. Treatment will vary depending on what is found.

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