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Valarie, Nurse (RN)
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I was just reading another question on this web site as I am

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I was just reading another question on this web site as I am searching for some information on something I have been experiencing about once every two to three weeks since this past June. A am doing some random thing (swimming, showering, at work, watching TV, whatever) and all of the sudden this memory comes upon me out of the blue. It is not an unpleasant memory and seems to be a scene from my childhood. Like I am playing a game with other children. Anyhow, within about 10 -20 seconds it vanishes and I cannot recall the details of the memory. I have tried writing down the images while they are happening but it is very hard to focus. After this happens I feel a bit confused and like I cannot talk. In the pool I had to really slow down my swimming pace and I worry what will happen is this happens while I am having a conversation. Despie these worries I am trying to not get anxious about it. My Therapist is not concerned and says they are likely random memories from my subconscious. I have decided to discuss this with my MD all the same just to rule anything physical out.  Thanks.
Hello. Thank you for coming to Just Answer with your question, and welcome.
It would be very wise to discuss these symptoms with your medical doctor. The symptoms may be suggestive of some type of seizure activity, because they are repetitive, and you also have some brief physical symptoms (loss of speech, loss of the memory itself, difficulty in focusing), along with some confusion that follows the event. This is very typical of a type of seizure activity.
There are most likely other explanations besides seizure activity, but the possibility that this is an actual physical disorder is there. So, do see your doctor as soon as possible.
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