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My husband has been having a smeelly anal discharge which is

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My husband has been having a smeelly anal discharge which is also causing some rash. He hasn't shown this to me. He is considerably over weight.
Causes of this can vary from poor hygiene, to anal fissure, anal abscess, warts and possibly malignancy. I do suggest that he see his doctor regarding this to have it examined, so that treatment can be geared towards the exact cause.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Poor hygiene isn't the problem. If I were to get him to let me have a look, would that be helpful? Our family doctor is a neighbor and friend and as you might guess, my husband might be reluctant for this evaluation by him. So if I can ascertain how crucial it is, I will be better able to promote his seeing our family physician. So should I try to have him let me take a look?
You can try to take a look and see if you can describe what you see, such as a mass, a cyst, or maybe nothing at all. But ultimately he will need to see a doctor. I can understand that given the nature of the problem, he may not want to see his doctor who is also a personal friend. He can go to an urgent care center to have this evaluated, so he does not have to go through that awkward situation.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you. You know how men can be especially woodsmen types who feel they don't need doctors. If I want further information on this question and I "accept answer" will that terminate this interchange?
No clicking accept does not terminate this question/answer session. You are always welcome to ask further questions regarding this issue at any time through this exchange.
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