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Three weeks ago, I had about kidney bean sized enlarged

Resolved Question:

Three weeks ago, I had about kidney bean sized enlarged lymph nodes (one in front of my right ear, one behind my left ear). They had been enlarged before when I've had colds and the flu a few times over the past years. This time I was feeling pain in my ears along with some lightheadedness. The doctor looked at my ears and said they looked like they both had a minor infection and gave me Amoxicillan. After 10 days of it, my lymph nodes shrunk significantly (by like 80%) but you can still feel them there. Also I'm still feeling some occasional pain in my ears as well as some nausea, fatigue and pressure around my sinuses as well as the occasional stuffy nose and a sore throat that's been going on for two weeks. My doctor referred me to an ENT since he looked at the ears again and said the infection was gone. Can anybody tell me any possible causes of my illness and what I can expect to happen at the ENT? Any answers appreciated.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Singh replied 5 years ago.
Since your symptoms responded to the antibiotics, you likely had an upper respiratory infection involving the ears as well. Because the symptoms have not resolved completely, you may need next line of antibiotics for complete cure. You may have sub-acute or chronic URI/sinus infection. Your ENT may do an X-ray or CT scan of the sinuses to rule out chronic sinusitis. Treatment would be broader antibiotics.
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