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This is an ususual question. My 19 yr old daughter is

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This is an ususual question.
My 19 yr old daughter is registered on a nanny website and listed that she'd like to work for a Spanish/English speaking family.
The other day a father sent her a message. He said he was from El Savador and he, wife and two sons live in Texas. They are looking for a live-in nanny. He said that they have a lifestyle which he wants to be upfront about-- they like to leave doors open, be in their underwear sometimes and sometimes nude. He wanted to know how she felt about this.
My daughter asked him what his profession was and he said he was an internal medicine doctor and his wife does the billing at home. He gave her his website. Looked legit.
My daughter wants to have a nanny job and this family offers $300/wk. which is decent pay. My daughter is desperate to work because she wants to earn money for a nose job.
My husband says that Americans are hung up about their bodies and it is healthy to be comfortable with nudity. A couple friends say that they would never let their daughters work for such a family.
My question is-- do people that go in the medical profession -- do they sort of have a different psychological viewpoint towards bodies that would have them think that nudity is no big deal. Or is this just a case of a perversion where the husband happens to be a medical doctor.
Certainly those in the medical profession see the human body in it's entirely on a daily basis, as a part of their profession and examination of the patient. Therefore, some in the medical profession do feel a lot more open about nudity than others. However, with that being said, as with any profession, the views of individuals varies from person to person from conservative to liberal. This doctor is being upfront about his normal life, it does not sound like perversion. With that being said your daughter and your family need to sit down together and decide what the pros of this offer are and what the cons and what the next best step is so that everyone feels comfortable.

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