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drknowsbest, Doctor
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Experience:  DO board certified family practitioner spec. in womens health
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Recently I strained my lower back but the pain seems to be

Resolved Question:

recently I strained my lower back but the pain seems to be migrating to the right and then the left and my hands and feet tingle when I lift heavy objects. Is this a pinched nerve? do I just ignore it? thanks!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  drknowsbest replied 5 years ago.
drknowsbest :

tingling in the feet is more typical with a lower back injury this can be due to muscle spasm or disc swelling causing a pinched nerve, however tingling in the hands if associated with a "pinched nerve" would be due to neck injury or possibly shoulder (nerves travel through armpit to hands)

drknowsbest :

start with rest and an antiinflammatory like motrin if worsens, becomes weakness or numbness, or doesnt resolve over the next 48 hrs see your dr as the lower back strain may be part of it but a coinciding problem may also exist

JACUSTOMER-lc2p2cw8- :

ok thanks

drknowsbest :

sure if no more questions please press accept

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