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Discussion Question 2 Study the information on some items of

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Discussion Question 2
Study the information on some items of packaged food. Are there any nutritional terms that you can understand now that you have learned to decode unfamiliar words and understand them in context? Do you think consumers understand these terms? Suggest at least one way to improve such communication.
Discussion Question 3
Communication in the healthcare setting is very important as it directly affects clinical outcomes. As a manager in a medical office, a patient has come to you to complain that one of your providers didn’t communicate with them well. Discuss how you would attempt to improve a healthcare provider’s communication style with their patients.
such as total fat total carbs. I think that next to each of these items in parenthesis should be a one word meaning such as sodium(salt). to make easier for those who don't understand. question3. There should be a manual made up for each worker also to put things better in layman terms, such as words like copay or deductible should be explained to the patients so that they are easier to understand.
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