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I developed a colon problem starting with colitis and now

Resolved Question:

I developed a colon problem starting with colitis and now having a mucus discharge every 1/2 hr or so that makes me go to the bathroom, otherwise I soil my underwear. It started about 4 months ago with a rumbling stomach and excessive flatulence, then flatulence with mucus discharge, and now frequent mucus discharge with slightly pink residue, but it does not look like blood. My lower stomach is tender but not painful. I also feel a constant feeling of having to go to the toilet. Is this IBS, or something else? Is there anything I can take to reduce the mucus discharge?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
Hi, welcome to justanswer , these symptoms you have been experiencing could be caused by multiple conditions that impair your digestive tract proper function. These foods that were not properly digested will produce residues that will ferment ,produce gases or leave the digestive tract undigested .
However , it is really important that you consult your doctor because that pink residue mucus discharge could be blood and that is something that needs to be investigated. Although some times , mucus is not pathologic and is only that jelly substance that lubricates your bowel lining cells that could be eliminated in your stools . When the patient has other symptoms like flatulence , stomach tenderness, it becomes too frequent or you have the urgency of going the bathroom to avoid soiling your underwear , it is important to investigate if there could be an underlying medical condition involved.
One of the most important recommendations I could give you is avoiding spicy ,fatty or high fiber food products,onions ,cabbage and beans which could aggravate your symptoms.You should also avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine . Eat smaller portion and eat slowly . This will alleviate your symptoms but you still need to consult a doctor.
There are patients in which this symptomatology is caused by other conditions that do not directly affect the gastrointestinal tract like heart , kidney ,pulmonary disorders or other possibility will be the use of certain medications or drugs, anxiety , eating excessively, swallowing air while you are eating or eating too fast could affect the ability of the stomach and intestines to digest food properly producing flatulence , stomach discomfort or tenderness .
Other conditions that could produce similar symptoms to the ones you have been experiencing are :
1-Hiatal hernia ( in which part of the stomach or esophagus protrudes into the chest cavity through the diaphragm )
2- Gastritis ( stomach lining tissue inflammation), stomach or duodenal ulcers
3-Inadequate digestive process which could be caused by liver disease, gallstones, gallbladder inflammation , pancreas disorders or conditions that affect your digestive enzymes production like amylase or lipase .
4-Irritable Colon ( in this condition , your bowel fiber muscles react inadequately to neural stimulation) , bowel inflammation ( colitis) , bowel obstruction, stomach or intestinal masses, intestine or colon internal polyps or masses
5-Gastrointestinal Infection
6-Some medications including antibiotics, aspirin , nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications ,diuretics, corticosteroids and medications used to treat high blood pressure could produce these symptoms . This is a possibility that should also be investigated.
7-Kidney disease when the kidneys are not working properly , there could be accumulation of toxic, uric acid and waste substances in your blood which could produce abdominal or stomach tenderness and flatulence .
8-Diverticulitis ( these are bowel sacs or pouches caused by an increased internal bowel pressure and weakened bowel walls where food residues accumulate , this sac could become inflamed ).
Your doctor will need to perform some tests including : a stool sample examination , an abdominal X-rays , amylase ,lipase , bilirubin , AST, ALT ,liver function tests , urinalysis , an endoscopy or colonoscopy could also be necessary .
With these tests and a proper physical examination, your doctor will be able to determine which of these conditions is producing your symptoms so You can receive the most appropriate treatment .
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dear Doctor,
Your answer is essentially: "see a doctor". I did see two doctors. An internist, who prescribed Dentyl, which did nothing after two weeks of use, except making me feel like a zomby. In fact during those two weeks my symptoms got worse. And, a gastroenterologyst who prescribed Flagyl for five days after concluding that I had colitis, which also did not change anything. I was hoping that a homeopath would recommend some herb or type of food that would sooth the colon into not secreting so much mucus. I gave up on all the things that you mentioned, but the problem persists.
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
The things you could try to alleviate your symptoms , would be ginger or chamomille .
You can get them for tea preparation or capsules. Besides the probiotics capsules , you could also eat food sources that give you probiotics like yogurts and soy.
You could also get a product called partially hydrolyzed guar gum which you could get over the counter in a natural product store. Grapefruit seed extract could also help .
Nutritional supplements like Lecithin, 3 capsules daily before every main meal .
These products should be combined with other things like drinking a lot of water ( at least 8 glasses of water per day ), avoid caffeinated beverages, eat smaller meal portions and avoid foods that contain a lot of fat , spicy foods , onions , cabbage , beans , cauliflower and broccoli that generates a lot of gas and could worsen your symptoms.
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