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If you have lumps in both testicles (for over 5 years now)

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If you have lumps in both testicles (for over 5 years now) that seem to be getting more painful could they still be life threatening after this amount of time. I'm terrified of Dr's and hospitals and obviously the fear of being disfigured
Hi--has a doctor never looked at these? Tell me all you can about these please.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No, I've never had any examination, I'm in otherwise good health, fairly fit. two teenage girls The main problem I'm having now is pain in the groin area like I've been kicked or hurt and some slight pain on urination . Anything I've read online indicates that I'm an unlikely candidate for testicular cancer because of my age. My own thinking has been if it was going to kill me after five years it probably would have by now, So I'm praying it's something else. But I've no idea of any other diagnosis that would cause this and I could be worrying myself out of a peacful life. I guess this is the first time I've faced up to even talking to someone about it,I'm so embaressed. (My terror of Dr's is not irrational, it comes from an operation on my face when I was child when the local anesthetic failed to take hold and I tend to relive the terror when I even smell a hospital, I've kept away from medical people ever since. I'm not uneducated and I've worked for several large companies.)
It's OK about the doctor thing--I still hate walking into a dentist's office since my old dentist when I was a kid never used Novocaine. But, to give you a decent answer I need to know in as much detail what exactly is going on here.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, I'm a 46 year old Male , (Cuachasian) in apparent good health and normally well (I do have blood pressure checked in a machine at the local chemist and I'm, slightly above norm but within the limits shown below hypertension). About 5 years ago during a regular personal checkup I found a pea sized lump on my left testicle after coming out of the bath. This has progressed in size , and had no pain, (At this stage most sane people would have gone to the DR but of course I panicked and then did nothing ) a year after that I had a similar sized lump on the right testical. I now have several lumps on both testicals on both sides with a hard feeling against the soft tissues. I'm slightly sore to touch and on different places on either testicle during self examination . In the past four months I've experianced some ache in my groin (mostly after intercourse) . And sometimes in the morning for no reason at all. Overall the pain hasn't got any worse and its more like mild discomfort (about a 4 out of 10) although a couple of times it's gone to an eight and then settled. Am I deluding myself that it would have killed me by now if it was serious or am I going to be singing soprano if I go to the Dr?
Are these lumps actually in the testicles themselves or in the scrotum?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They are on the surface of the testicals themselves. They feel hard to the touch on the lower surface of both testicles. (I do the finger and thumb roll test they show you to do)
they're tender? Are they all over or on the backsides?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Front and back on both testicals.
OK. To start with, testicular cancer doesn't usually occur in multiple areas and it isn't usually tender or painful. If this were only on the backside of the testicles, that might be epididymitis which along with prostatitis--both infections of the areas--could be causing your symptoms. You might also have hydroceles--fluid filled sacs--in the scrotum. While I don't think this is anything so serious as cancer, it is time you have a doctor look at this. I would get a urinalyisis, a urethral swab, an ultrasound of the scrotum, and do a digital prostate exam to start with. If it's infection, that can be cleared with antibiotics. Hydroceles are operated on only if they are causing unmanageable symptoms.
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