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I have a poo that is stuck half in and half out. I'm

Resolved Question:

I have a poo that is stuck half in and half out. I'm pregnant. Started taking colic a few days ago for a constipation problem. What can I do now? Been on the toilet for an hour.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 5 years ago.
mysticdoc :

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mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

Thanks for your question.

mysticdoc :

You can use your fingers to disimpact yourself ( pulling out the stool).

mysticdoc :

Another option will be to use an enema

mysticdoc :

make sure you are taking enough dietary fibers.

Customer: If I have pushed for an hour off and on should I stop trying?
mysticdoc :

You can take citrucel fibers along with colace.

mysticdoc :

yes you should stop trying to push.

Customer: This is awful
mysticdoc :

yes understand but the stool will come out with enema

mysticdoc :

drink plenty of fluids also

Customer: Is an enema painful? Can it be purchased at a drugstore?
mysticdoc :

no it is not.

mysticdoc :

yes it is over the counter

Customer: Ok. Thank you
mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

best wishes

mysticdoc :

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