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Dr. Tharun
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I get a twisting feeling in the right side of my abdomen

Customer Question

I get a twisting feeling in the right side of my abdomen with certain things that I do eg bending over to put my socks on or straining on the loo whilst having bowel movement. I have to stop doing what I am doing and straighten my posture and massage my abdomen to relieve the twisting. It's a faintly regular occurrence now and I have suffered this some 6 months or more. Any ideas and should I see my Dr.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 5 years ago.
DrTharun :


Customer: hi
DrTharun :

is there any swelling at the site? any scans recently? Any medical illness ?

DrTharun :

any weight-loss or loss of appetite?

Customer: No swelling , no scans. Had sigmoidoscopy over 6 years ago for bowel related problems. A few polyps were removed. I have no follow since. Maybe because I moved to a different part of the country and changed Drs. This one doesn't seem too bothered unless you are abouttomkeel over and die,
Customer: Appetite good. No weight loss. Weigh about 11 stone........ Probably about 1 and half stone over weight.
DrTharun :

Some pathologies which can produce such symptoms are inflamed liver or gall bladder or a hernia at the site.Muscular problems can also present like this as you experience it when you bend.The best option would be do an ultrasound scan of the abdomen to diagnose any obvious causes like mentioned above.If these tests are negative then probably muscular cause could be culprit.You can start on painkillers and anti -inflammatory drugs and hot compresses if it turns out to be a sore muscle.

DrTharun :

Adding an antacid would also recommended as rarely acidity can cause abdominal pain.

DrTharun :

Better to have a routine colonoscopy as you have a history of polyps.

Customer: It is not pain as such but an actual physical feeling of something twisting and then pain from this. Immediately I relieve the pressure on the abdomen it disappears. I guess I am worried in case itnis the gut that is twisting. If its just muscular then I won't worry.
DrTharun :

Sometimes obstruction to the bowel will cause it to contract more powerfully than normal to overcome that obstruction and cause such twisting pains.It could be anything from the adhesions to mass in the bowel.

Customer: Can you re assure me that it is not the gut twisting?
DrTharun :

This twisting pain can be because of intestinal cramps.

DrTharun :

But it is more after eating food or during bowel movements.Bending and straining has less chances of inducing intestinal cramps, unless there is an inflamed organ in the abdomen which gets compressed or irritated on bending or straining.

DrTharun :

Scan and the colonoscopy would almost in every case detect any abnormality in the bowel.