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My boyfriend pays too much for his asthma medications. He

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My boyfriend pays too much for his asthma medications. He has a bad insurance plan that costs him around $100 for Advair and $60 for Albuterol. Can you suggest any cheaper alternative drugs or pharmacies?
He would prefer to take Ventolin, which is expensive here but was cheap and over-the-counter in South Africa; should he ask his mom to send it from South Africa?
Also, how safe is it for him to take Albuterol that expired in 4/09? Thank you.
Hi and thank you for your question, I am a verified Expert and am happy to help you today. Pharmaceutical prices very location to location.. the most productive action you can take is to speak with his Doctor who will know best whether or not any of his medications can be changed to something less expensive. As far as using Albuterol that is outdated, this is not a good idea as the effectiveness of the medication may be decreased or altered.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for replying. Do you have a sense of the relative prices of asthma drugs? For example, what's cheaper per-dose: pills or inhalers?

Are there online pharmacies or comparison-shopping websites you'd recommend, such as or ?

Is Ventolin identical to Albuterol? Thank you.
Pills and inhalers have two different actions generally.... it depends which ones you are referring to , but in general, they are not one in the same. Many people require rescue inhalers in addition to maintenance mediations.

Some online sites that may help you with the task of finding the least expensive medications:

Check to see whether your state has a drug comparison website. Check a search engine for "your state drug comparison website." Below are a few that might be helpful if you live in one of the states listed.
*Florida -
*Indiana -
*New York -
*Maryland -
*Minnesota -
*Michigan -
*Ohio -
*New Hampshire -
*New Jersey -
*New Mexico -
*Vermont -
*Washington -
*West Virginia - ( This website can tell you whether there is a generic version of your medication along with prices)

To compare medications:
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