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Why does my right side hurt when I cough or sneeze?

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My right side just below my rib cage hurts when I cough, sneeze, or blow my nose. This just started about an hour ago. It also hurts if I pull my sliding glass door closed (left to right), but going in the other direction it doesn't hurt. 
Should I see a doctor now - or will this go away when my cold gets better and I'm not doing anything to irritate this condition?

Did this pain start only an hour back?

Customer: Yes, an hour or two.

Physician123: Are you suffering from any medical conditions or on any medications?

Customer: It only hurts when I cough, sneeze, blow my nose, or use my right side muscles - no medical condition or medications.

Physician123: This pain does seem like it is muscles related. It could arise from a muscle strain, thus it does hurt when strained, like when you cough or exert pressure.

Customer: It's possible - I also worry if it's a cracked rib or hernia - it started when I sneezed while sitting at my computer.

Physician123: Thus you can take an anti-inflammatory medication like Motrin. Did you hurt yourself?

Customer: I guess I did - by sneezing too hard.

Physician123: This does not seem like a cracked rib. I would advice you to take the medication I mentioned. This should ease out the pain.

Customer: That's good.

Physician123: If you do not get better in the next couple of days then you can see a doctor and get this investigated.

Customer: Okay, I won't worry about it then, unless it doesn't get better. Thank you!

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