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Valarie, Nurse (RN)
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Hard Stool Problem ... my sister takes many meds however had

Resolved Question:

Hard Stool Problem ... my sister takes many meds however had some control over her problem. About a month ago she was fighting an infection and took anti-bio tics -- now a hard stool problem. If she is given medication for hard stool, she has diarrhea that she can't tolerate due to OCD, uses a lot of toilet paper and clogs up the toilet. She agreed to taking prune juice when she is constipated but of late will not take it every day. She is taking medication to provide roughage.
Please provide suggestions that would help her solve the hard stool problem. As a food source remedy, would kefir or yogurt help?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Valarie replied 5 years ago.
Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.
Yogurt and kefir, both containing natural probiotics may help, but may not. They should not make the problem worse.
A diet high in fruit and vegetables will help, along with adequate water intake. Drinking insufficient amounts of fluids is the most common cause of constipation.
To avoid diarrhea, she can use a soluble fiber supplement. There are many different brands and forms of these. For constipation, I have found that the powdered types are best. And she would need to drink plenty of liquid along with it for it to work properly.
An example of one of these is Metamucil, or its generic form "psyllium husk fiber". Mix it with twice the amount of fluid that is listed on the label. It will not cause diarrhea or cramping because it is not a laxative. But the fiber will smooth things along, and will pull extra fluid into the bowel to relieve hard stools.
If the above measures do not resolve her problem with hard stools, she should see her doctor for an evaluation of its cause.
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