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I am a 46yr old male. I recently had a health issue happen

Resolved Question:

Hi. I am a 46yr old male. I recently had a health issue happen to me and i would like to know what it is. I was walking in a store and i suddenly ( no warning) started to get a pain throughout my upper back and shoulders that radiated down my arms.I feel weak-standing required effort so i leaned on a shopping cart till the feeling passed.The feeling of pain and weakness went away in about 2 min. No other obvious symptoms i noticed. This is the third time this "spell" has hit me. Every time it is without warning and i am not doing anything taxing or too physical. And each time it lasts for a few minutes. A quick bit of my HX. I have high Colesterol and a heart condition; Mitral valve Prolapse. I'm 46, white, 5'10" and weigh 217lbs. My job is physical but i do not exercise.The only med i take is Lipitor.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  RK replied 5 years ago.
Any tests done?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
no- no tests. i had a yearly physical in Sept and my only issues are my colesterol and my weight
Expert:  RK replied 5 years ago.
One likely cause is cervical spondylosis.
Xray of the neck spine would be helpful in diagnosis.
Painkillers along with physical therapy would be beneficial.
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