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My friend has had two galactograms done, and both times they

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My friend has had two galactograms done, and both times they could not get the needle into the milk ducts. What could this mean? I have tried researching this problem online, and cannot find anything like it.

Thank you!

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,


what was the reason they were ordered? is the trying to nurse and cannot?


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, she has never been pregnant, but she's been lactating for 2-3 years now. Her doctor thinks that part of it is galactorrhea (sp?). So the first time she had the test done was for that. About 3 weeks ago, she started bleeding out of a duct, and she went to the doctor right away. They did a mammogram (found nothing) and an ultrasound, in which they found what the surgeon thinks is a polyp. It also showed that it was spread to the tissue around that area of the duct as well. The surgeon is going to take out that milk duct and I'm guessing the surrounding tissue as well, but first he wanted another galactogram done. She went in yesterday and she said they poked her so many times and just couldn't get in. I just have never heard of that before?

To be honest with you I have not either. I don't think they will try again as the surgery will answer the questions that need to be answered. ie. what is this that they found on ultrasound? is it a polyp? if it is, is it invasive or cancerous. These, to be sure, are very concerning symptoms. And forced to venture a guess I would say that the polyp or mass or whatever is seen on the ultrasound may be putting pressure on the lactic ducts to the point that they are closed and this is probably why the galactogram failed on multiple attempts. Her prompt follow up, removal of this polyp, and the pathologists examination of it is critical and should happen as soon as possible.


I wish I had a snappy answer but the answer will come from the surgeon and pathologist.



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your quick reply. I really appreciate it. Well, hopefully we hear from the doctor soon!