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drknowsbest, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  DO board certified family practitioner spec. in womens health
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My girlfriend suffers from anxiety and panic attacks which

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Hi there.My girlfriend suffers from anxiety and panic attacks which started nearly two years ago.What advice would you give to start her on the road to recovery?what steps need to be taken to ensure successful treatment?
drknowsbest : If it is affecting her job, sleep, or diet she should consider medication
drknowsbest : I usually start with lexapro since it has little side effects in most cases
drknowsbest : It can take up to six weeks to work though so if severe I also give a rescue med in the meantime
drknowsbest : She would have to see her dr as we cannot prescribe online
drknowsbest : Also more importantly seeking the help of a psychotherapist ...this may allow her to get back off medication and control her anxiety with other methods

She is one anti depressants and has been for some two years.I need to know is there a way through therapy that we can get to the root of this problem?CBT possibly?

drknowsbest : Yes deifnitely
drknowsbest : Definitely
drknowsbest : On the back of her insurance card should be the number for behavioral health and that will give her local therapists
drknowsbest : Anxiety with panic breakthrough is very manageable with cognitive therapy
drknowsbest : Any further questions

would it mean having to come off meds?are there any long term effects of CBT?

drknowsbest : Not until sure can do without cognitive behavioral is more like calming thoughts and mantras no long term effects will just show her how to better cope with her stress with what you would consider normal coping mechanisms
drknowsbest : Breathing exercises as well
drknowsbest : If no more questions please press accept so we may exit

how effective is CBT in reality?it sounds like a deception of thoughts.what about electro shock therapy if CBT doesn't work?

drknowsbest : That is only used in extreme cases and usually more for depression it is not deception but coping

ok,thanks for your help.

drknowsbest : If she has an inflated reaction to a certain thought or circumstance this will ground her and teach her how to better put things in perspective should not alter or affect or c
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