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Can full denture be modified if patient changes mind

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Dad's denture has been made but he does not want to remove his last remaining 5 upper front teeth? (He still has some teeth on the bottom but will need 2 removed eventually) 2 of them have root canal, 1 is worn to the gum line and 2 others are unsighlty but they are all embedded well and firm in the jaw so Dad feels it is illogical to remove them and he starts to cry when he is opposed. They don't have any cavities, they are only 2 that can really be seen. I also read that keeping these teeth helps to hold the upper denture in place when there are no more teeth on the top. He also has harldy any ridge on top. Any suggestions? The dentist does not want to talk to me. he simply says to speak with the surgeon that was suppose to do the extractions but my Father does not want to go. What can be done at this point? Do people simply have their teeth drilled down to the gum line and their denture simply rests on top of the teeth with the roots left in the gum? Do the roots get sealed on top with some dental material? ive read the 5 front teeth will stabilize the denture. DaDS
Hi and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and am happy to help you today. Yes an acrylic full mouth denture can be manually modified by your dentist to accomodate remaining teeth. IF he loses more teeth in the future, aditional prosthetic teeth can be inserted into the denture at that time.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My Dad has 5 remaining teeth on the top all together up front. See photos attached. The dentist made the denture and said my Father has to remove those front teeth. My Father doesn't want to. The dentist said to go to the surgeon to get the teeth extracted. A different surgeon said he can get them extracted when he feels more comfortable to do so. Why can't the family dentist that made the denture just let my Father have his way for now? Please help me understand the reasons..My Father said that he just wants to make the decisions himself and does not want to remove teeth that feel good in his mouth and do not bother him and feel strong. His logic is overruling the professionals and he grew up surviving in Europe from WWII so he does not believe anyones advice.graphicgraphicgraphicgraphic
Although it will look unsightly, the Dentist can remove the teeth from the denture where his teeth remain so y our Dad can use the denture. It won't be pretty, but it can be done. This is referred to as a partial denture...which is what should have been made for him from the beginning if the Dentist was aware that your Dad didn't want to have his teeth extracted. Did he make a lower partial denture for him?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
He was aware that my father did not want them removed. I mentioned that
in due time, my Father would remove them. But the dentist said my father would
be returning in 5 months complaining of the fit being bothersome.
Yes, a lower denture was made but not done yet.
I am really sorry this dentist isn't making this easier for you and your Dad. Tell the Dentist that this is the chance your Dad wants to take.... if they become bothersome, he will cross that bridge when the time comes. He does NOT want his teeth extracted, end of story, Please remove the teeth from the denture and make it fit my Dad ( Which he can do with a dremmel and some relining material) , because these are your Dad's wishes. He will most likely have to remake the lower denture because it will not work with the upper denture modification to accommodate his remaining teeth.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do you think i can be considered a negligent adult child that is causing a parent to undergo the wrong treatment causing consequences later on? Can their be negative consequences to what i would be allowing my Dad to do? What are the consequences of not taking out the teeth now?
Absolutely not. Your Dad has every right to make this decision and you have every right to support his decision. If the teeth are not infected, there is no medical reason to remove them and no consequence other than some inconvenience for the Dentist to modify the denture.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I called the surgeon who does the extractions and possible future implants should the upper denture be cumbersome, and he would not get on the phone with me,,, he let the assistant person deal with me. He said it's up to my fathers dentist,,, and that this can;t be done because the pink part of the denture is allready made. They can;t just pop out the teeth because the denture won;t fit......
Is there such a thing as a patient advocate?...we allready went to the college of dentistry in the area for a price quote and dental consult and could have had the work performed there but it would require 2 hours commute and the supervising instructor said no.
One other question....When my Father opened the package of the new dentures to try them on,,,, after realizing that they did not fit,, he left them on the counter for a full day... SO i assume they shrunk not being in water? Do you have knowledge of that being true or not?
It is true that denture can shrink when allowed to dry out...but only one day should not present a great problem. Yes they can just pop out the teeth, then reline the denture. This is a partial denture:
The denture they made for him can be made to behave like this one... accommodating existing teeth. The only other option is to ask the dentist to make a partial from scratch. If he knew your Dad did not want to have his teeth extracted, this should have been what was done from the beginning.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
wow,,, thank you for that photo...but my Father has no teeth at all on top except his 5 front teeth. Is it true that the denture won't offer a complete suction if the 5 front teeth remain on the top? 1 is worn to the gumline, 2 have root canals,, and one is so so and another is decayed,,,
I read that keeping infected teeth can also cause heart conditions and other diseases in the body and slowly taxes the bodes immune system,,,,i do understand that. But my Father's idea of dealing with infected teeth is;,, that when they bother him, that's when he deals with them. I would try to convince him, if i knew absolutely that it would be a worse problem to keep them. He also has very little dental ridge on the top.
I left a message for the dentist in the hope that tomorrow he will call me back. He leaves for 3 week vacation Nov 4.. that would be awful....
I think the assistant said the bottom was not done yet. I wonder if i can take the job away from them and get some money back?
Do you know if the dremel takes off those teeth on the denture,,,what kind of work does it entail to put them back in at some time in the future?
If he has infected teeth then they really need to be treated.. whether that be fillings, or extractions, you are right that keeping teeth in an infected state is very bad for his health. I am not a Dentist , but I have seen Dentist remove teeth from a denture with pliers then using a dremel to shape the area.. then using a relining material so the denture will fit. To add a tooth to a partial denture, a new impression is taken and the denture is sent to the lab for the addition of the tooth.