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Which toothpaste works best? Is there any over-the-counter

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Which toothpaste works best? Is there any over-the-counter mouthwash that works better than both the purple Listerine that fights against cavities and Crest Pro-Health combined together? Is 3 months the time limit where we should change toothbrushes? Is Oral-B the toothbrush you recommend? If not, which toothbrush do you recommend? About a year ago, my dentist prescribed me Clindamicin. (something like that) I still have some pills left. Even though I probably don't need it right now, can I finish the pills I have left? In other words, would you respond "Yes, because it can't hurt. Even though you don't need it, it will do good in the sense that it can't hurt?"

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.

I am sorry you have waited so long for a response to your question.

The American Dental Association does not have or give specific recommendations for dental care products, except that you should look for the words "ADA Accepted" on the label. This ADA seal will assure you that the product has met the criteria for safety and effectiveness.

For toothbrushes, the important this is the bristles. Bristles need to be soft so as not to cause damage to your gums and enamel. The brush should be changed every 3 to 4 months, or more often if the bristles become frayed. The brush also needs to fit your mouth comfortably so that you can reach all of your teeth. The brand does not matter.

For the Clindamycin:

DO NOT take the rest of the pills that you have. Ever, for anything, unless it is prescribed by your doctor or dentist. And then, the pills you have will most likely be expired and should not be taken even then. If you do not need the antibiotic, it will only serve to create a possible bacterial resistance and may cause an infection later that will be difficult to treat. So, in essence: taking the clindamycin can harm you.

Here is a link to the ADA's (American Dental Association) website with recommendations for Cleaning your Teeth.

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