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Julia Kizhner
Julia Kizhner, Physician Assistant
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Julia only! Julia few questions. My aunt usually has a lot

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Julia only! Good morning Julia few questions. My aunt usually has a lot of urine output, but the last couple days she hasn't had a whole lot. Now she hasn't been drinking like she usually does. One night she can fill 2 depends. Night before last she didn't go much through the night, she got up & went. Yesterday she drank but not like usual. I took her to the bathroom at 9pm she went at 11:30pm she didn't go &  through the night she didn't go in the depends at all, but she did go when I got her up at 8:30 she did go some on the toilet, but it had been almost 12 hours.  It's been raining here the last few days & she seems to always not eat or drink when it does. She does get the leg pain more when it rains & wants to sleep. Now her BP has been really low this morning 62/31 63/33 64/40 then it went back up to like 88/59 91/58. Now I don't know if it is just my blood pressure monitor not working well or not. It has taken mine high then low, but not like hers. She went right back to sleep. I don't know if she could have a UTI or not she never shows really any symptoms. It could be all do to the weather, she just wants to sleep.

Good morning Beth,

Does your aunt take any medications at all?

Does she seem to be uncomfortable when she goes to urinate? Any fever or chills?

How was her pulse on the monitor?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She takes 1 Sinemet at bedtime, but last night she wouldn't take her pudding or by mouth she was too sleepy. Her pulse has been in the 70's each time. I think it's my BP monitor I just took mine & it was really low. She doesn't say anything when I take her to the bathroom she doesn't make any sounds Only when she wants off. There is no smell to her urine in the depends, She has had really good urine output up until the last couple days, Sometimes she fills 2 a night & when I get her up she goes a lot. But yesterday she didn't go much in them when I got her up in the morning & this morning she hadn't went in it at all.

Ok, thanks for the additional info.

It is really hard to tell with elderly people if they have UTI, especially since your aunt doesn't even complain about anything. Often, with UTI, older people will not have a fever but they will go more frequently and have less volume every time they go. Also, it is usually uncomfortable to pee because of the burning so if your aunt is not making uncomfortable faces or moaning while she pees, I don't think she has UTI.

It just sounds that she has less urine because she hasn't been drinking as much as usual. I don't think you should be concerned about that. If you notice that she is uncomfortable while peeing or if she pees much more frequently with lesser amount (I am not sure how you can measure it if she uses depends), then I would be concerned for UTI.

Her blood pressure is definitely very low but it sounds that it is your monitor. Usually when someone has such low blood pressure, their pulse will go up to compensate for such low numbers but since your aunt's pulse is normal (70 is normal), I think its your machine. I would ask the nurse to come and double check on her blood pressure though. Try to have her drink more fluids today to see if she pees more and if her blood pressure goes up. If she doesn't want water, maybe you can give her a lemonade or sweetened ice tea.

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