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I need help please! I have been suffering with a "cold/flu"

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I need help please!
I have been suffering with a "cold/flu" for over a week now,and I am quite concerned about it. In order for you to fully understand why I am feeling apprehensive, I need to first detail the symptoms from the beginning to the present.
1. Initially, I began feeling a bit under the weather at about midday (strange, but true) about maybe 10 days ago. I had some mild flu-like symptoms--body aches and very slight runny nose.
2. The very next morning, I woke up with quite severe flu-like symptoms, body aches, cough, congestion-not in my chest at this point, but in my nose, and some serious postnasal drainage. Needless to say, I stayed in bed ALL day and drank tea with lemon (no honey in the house though)and a glass or two of theraflu tea mixture to help with the symptoms. I felt very cold, skin was hot, quite like a fever, I however, did not check my temp because I simply couldn't figure out where I had last placed my thermometer! One very nasty occurence was when I was coughing a bit from the drainage to my throat and I actually coughed up a golf ball *seriously* sized "secretion ball" which contained greenish very thick mucus, blood (heavy steaks of it), and an off-white thick substance that looked very (very, very, very) much like pus. I was horrified, but it wasn't over yet!
3. The third day was absolutely terrible, because I had to get out of the bed and take my daughter to her annual Epilepsy (MD) appt. at Children's Hospital, because if I were to try and reschedule it would be nearly 9 mos before the doc could see her, and we had already waited a year, so that was unacceptable. That day my symptoms were basically the same except I was now extremely dizzy, to the point of feeling as if I might pass out at any moment. I had the chills still but they had subsided to a large extent, and severe nasal congestion with bad headache and facial pain around my nose, mid-forehead, and eyes, and on top of that I also had a seriously sore throat. So, when I got home I decided to take some mucinex to help clear up the terrible nasal/sinus congestion along with some liquid theraflu, lots of flds (which I had been doing all along- H2O).
4. The next day, the sinus congestion had largely cleared and I felt better as far as the body aches and chills, but (sigh), I had developed a much worsening cough and my throat now hurt extremely bad, and to top it all off I seemed to have pretty bad laryngitis, because my voice was nearly gone, and it hurt to talk (it felt like I had to scream so that my family could understand me, but words still came out as high pitched bird whispers). Uggh.. I was not happy, and still felt sick, but as a mom, I had mom things to do so I did them with as much a smile as I could muster.
5. Now, up to the present, my voice has come back at least halfway, but my throat still hurts very badly. I continue to have a very nagging and productive (of green and and sometimes blood-tinged mucus) cough and the congestion is still somewhat in my nose, but I have begun to also feel some pain and congestion in my chest as well (worsening symptoms with my cough). I have had a few spells of dizzyness, but nowhere nearly as bad as the day I had to take my daughter to the hospital. Also, I just looked at the back of my throat (to the best of my ability) and noticed some white patches/pus pockets mostly on the sides (left and right) of my throat with some sparse ones on my center or backmost throat area. My face still hurts around my nasal sinus cavities and I have a moderately painful headache.
My issue is this.. I have had several bouts of pharyngitis and laryngitis simultaneously diagnosed on a yearly basis (seasonal, maybe) and several times within the year during the past 4 or 5 years.. the diagnosis in some cases was also paired with sinus infection, bronchitis, and/or pneumonia (2 times diagnosis all in one year).. I am a 33 year mom of 3 kids, and I am for the better part healthy.. no major diseases or illnesses, such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, TB, or any autoimmune disorders (like Lupus). I have had strep throat a couple of times in my lifetime, and am hoping that this is not what this is.. BECAUSE, I WAS LAID OFF FROM MY JOB DUE TO A WORKPLACE INJURY TO MY LOWER BACK (REQUIRING SURGERY), AND I NOW HAVE NO INSURANCE! What do I do? And what could this strange lingering "illness" be? I am afraid to ask really, but I do realize that I probably should be taking antibiotics for this situation. Oh, and I forgot.. I also took allegra a few times thinking that my symptoms may be allergy related due to the changing of seasons. And.. lol.. one more thing.. I do have mild asthma.. it was pretty bad in childhood, but isn't that bad now, it usually only flares with allergy seasons, and when I have illnesses such as bronchitis.
So.. after that VERY long history, can you help me please???
It could be viral
But you at minimum had a bronchitis..which does not require antibiotics

Strep throat should have been ruled out with a rapid strep
And someone needs to listen to your lungs to rule out pneumonia.
Those are the basics.
Urgent care, neighborhood walk in clinic [usually on a sliding scale] all can do this.
good luck

Let me know if you have further questions

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I was not saying that I at present have pneumonia, nor bronchitis, and I am aware of the strep test.. I just don't know why I am still quite sick, and while I do understand your response, I just would like to know just that.. why am I still sick.. and it is not really lessening, but rather progressing. I am aware of clinics with sliding scale, but my finances are not there.. still have same bills, but only receive funds from workers comp that are about half of what I would ordinarily bring home.. short story, can't really afford doctor visit, testing, nor meds.. so am reluctant to even attempt to see ANY doc.. is that dangerous or can I just try and wait it out a little while longer? Thanks.
No it is dangerous
You progression in symptoms, the persistence, and the coughing of been mucus and blood can be atypical pneumonia, without fever or chills...."walking pneumonia".
I am sorry about your insurance situation but no doctor in their right mind would say you don't need an exam, at least, at this point.
If I could listen you your lungs it would be a different story...but ..that needs to be done.
good luck

Let me know if you have further questions

DrRussMD and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok. Well, I will go see a doc on Monday . I thank you for your medical opinion and just a little extra.. ** I am a nurse, and had a nagging suspicion that you would give the responses that you did to my "condition," and I guess I just was hoping against hope that you would maybe say that I could wait it out. I guess that I just showed a bit of that old saying.. "docs and nurses are the WORST patients!". Geez..
No problem
Hopefully it is nothing.
good luck