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I am 57, with history of arthritic problems. I have knee

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I am 57, with history of arthritic problems.
I have knee pain/injury. I was working in sitting position extended hours with my knee bent, and I had earlier signs of problem, but I ignored them, One morning I could not step down on my foot, my knee was in big pain, it was swollen, had lot of knee water.
I started to take painkillers, and Sodium Dicoflenac to fight inflammation,
In the process I injured both of my foot trying to walk, and now I am in wheelchair not allowing for any self inflicted strains.
It has been like this 10 days, my pains are down, my knee looks normal, I can stand on the other leg, but I still can not stretch my knee, it is getting better and better day by day.
I had similar inflammation eight years ago after 18 hours flight to Hong Kong, ended up in wheelchair and waited about 2 weeks for being able to walk, (at that time they remove my knee waters in special clinic) . What exercises I should use to get my knee to recover faster ?
ANY exercise must be guided by an exam and physical therapy.
You should see a physical medicine doctor or orthopedist and get a prescription for physical therapy and you should no NO exercises until you are examined and the correct exercise is determined from the exam.
Otherwise you could injury yourself further
For right now, lying on the back on a supportive surface and stretching the arms up above the head as far as possible while taking a deep breath..which will stretch the entire body a little and help, is the only exercise you should do until you see the doctor.
good luck
PS: take glucosamine sulphate, a supplement, 1500 mg a day.
good luck again

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