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I have had a rash under my breasts for several months. I

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I have had a rash under my breasts for several months. I have received manytreatments and nothing has worked. Now I have large pimple-like bumps filled with pus all over my abdomen. NOW, I have a red/purple rash in my groin and around the but. Sores make it extremely painful to walk aron
This could have been fungal at first but now is definitely bacterial
Pustules are characteristic
If you have tried some antibiotics and it has worsened it could be MRSA
Has you dr cultured it to see what it is responsive to?
Likely over the counter treatment at this point will not work, your dr can open one of the pustules and send a culture to the lab. If you wait too long on this it may turn into a serious infection so see your dr for this ASAP
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