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drknowsbest, Doctor
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1496
Experience:  DO board certified family practitioner spec. in womens health
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This problem has been ongoing for 6 months his social life

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This problem has been ongoing for 6 months his social life effected .
His health otherwise is a fine .
drknowsbest : This certainly sounds like panic attacks
drknowsbest : Since associated with certain situations behavioral therapy is best
drknowsbest : If it is starting to be more protrudent then a daily anti anxiety med is the best treatment and then after behavioral therapy possibly off of it
drknowsbest : Paxil or zoloft are good daily meds but if situation dependent then sometimes a medication like propanolol os used to prevent the anxiety symptoms
drknowsbest : This is just temporary though as speaking to a psychologist is best to talk through the feelings and change the neural pattern that connects his mind with panic reactions ot those situations (much like treatment for a phobia)
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I see you are offline so I switched to old mode please accept if no more questions

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