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Julia Kizhner
Julia Kizhner, Physician Assistant
Category: Health
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Experience:  7 years experience working in Primary Care as well as Gastroenterology, Sleep Medicine & Weight Loss
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Julia only please. Julia how are you? I had asked you a

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Julia only please. Hey Julia how are you? I had asked you a question on Friday, but I guess you hadn't been on. I had got bitten by something through the night a few days ago, don't have any idea what it was, just a few small red bumps. Is a tetanus shot really necessary? Also a couple times, more yesterday I have been hearing this melody play in my ear head it's the tune of my phone Aura Lee, but my phone isn't ringing. It was very annoying it did go away after about an hour. It was faint not really loud, but when I was trying to get some sleep it kept playing. It really scared me.

Hi Beth,

I am here, sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I didn't get your question on Friday...not sure what happened. Usually I get an email saying "customer requested you" and I go online right away but I got nothing :(

If you got bitten by a bug (doesn't matter what kind), you do not need a tetanus shot. You only need an updated tetanus if you scraped on metal or stepped on a nail (things like that). Usually tetanus is given once every 10 yrs but if you had some kind of metal exposure, it is updated in 5 yrs. If the spots itch, you can put a little bit of Hydrocortisone cream, if they look like open sores, put some Neosporin but if neither of these, you don't need to put anything.

The tune thing in your ear you don't have to worry about. Sometimes that happens when a person is overstressed/tired. Our brain is a powerful organ, it does things that we have no control over. Definitely don't need to worry or be scared over this especially if it was just a one-day occurance.

Hope everything is good with you otherwise. Leaves started chaning color here - I am not ready for the fall yet :(


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hey Julia,

I hadn't had a tetanus shot since that accident with the maching pulling my hair 13 years ago. I came on here & was told I needed a tetanus shot right away for the multiple bites I had that were small. They didn't swell or pain me, just itched some.

I was worried about the music, I couldn't shake it for awhile, but I hadn't slept either in like 3 or 4 days only a couple hours each night.

I have another question. My uncle got his flu shot last Friday. My mom has the flu since last Monday.......and my brother lives with her he is blind. Now my brother went to church yesterday with my other brother, and sat next to my uncle. How likely would it be that my uncle could get the flu from my brother? He wasn't coughing or anything, but today my dad as the flu also. I know I read you can get the flu from people that aren't even showing symptoms just bieng carriers.

No, I don't think you need a tetanus shot from a bug bite. Its indicated for a wound caused by rusty nail, old wood, metal, etc. So you don't need a tetanus shot specifically for the bites, however, if yours is already 13 yrs old, it would be good to update it at some point in time (usually it is given every 10 yrs) but not because of the bites.

It takes 2 weeks to develop immunity to the flu virus after receiving the flu vaccine. So your uncle probably did not build up that immunity quite yet. So technically he is susceptible to getting flu, however, it is unlikely that he will get a flu from a carrier. Usually flu doesn't stay dormant...symptoms come up pretty quickly. If your carrier brother were to have it, he would be having symptoms. I know you are worried about your aunt getting it, but there is a very remote possibility of it. If your aunt had her flu vaccine more then 2 weeks ago, everything should definitely be ok. If not, see if you can isolate her from your uncle for the next couple of days to make sure your uncle doesn't' develop flu-like symptoms. But again, it would be a highly unlikely situation.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well my aunt nor I get the flu shot since we never go out of the house. My uncle has gotten the flu shot for the last 3 years, and we haven't got the flu from him like in the past. I asked a couple of her nurses if she needed the shot & they said no as long as my uncle did. My aunt's hospital bed is in the living room of the house so my uncle walks through daily. He hasn't been around either one of us just walking through. I sprayed lysol around after he left the room.

Oh, sorry, i do remember that conversation about you guys not getting the flu shot.

I think everyone should be ok. If your brother has not developed any symptoms by now (with your mom and dad both being sick), he probably is not a carrier. He might have a strong enough of an immune system (being young) that he did not contact the disease.

But technically your uncle can still get the flu if he only got his flu shot a week ago. So as long as he doesn't cough or sneeze near your aunt, it will be fine. And, of course, no sharing of the utensils (I am sure they don't, but just in case). :)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My brother is 46, my parents have always taken care of him, because of being blind. He gets sick all of the time, but he has allergies really bad. My dad took him today to get his flu shot, but I told my mom that won't protect him now they both have it, maybe more in the winter, but not now. It seems like a lot of people here are getting the flu, I don't know about other states. So far my uncle hasn't been coughing or sneezing. I keep the lysol can on the stand so I am always spraying it.

You mention fall, I love fall I have the house decorated all in fall color. My aunt loved all the holidays so I took up her tradition. I think she knows that it's decorated, I choose to anyway. Her nurses love to come during the holidays they like to see the different things I add every year. I sold them a bunch of Halloween stuff when they were here last Friday. I am not much into the Halloween decorations like I use to be, I still have a few, but sold them a lot of it.

Are you sure its the flu that everyone has? Not a simple cold? This is a bit early for a flu season (although they start vaccinating now). I haven't seen any flu cases yet, just a lot of people with sniffles.

With flu, there is really high fever, severe body aches (from the fever), a lot of weakness. It is usually not accompanied by any other cold symptoms - sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, etc...

I think your brother still should get his flu shot now.

I love the fall too and I love the trees changing color (and I heard where you live it is really pretty) but I am just not ready for it. The summer flew by so fast. Our June was cold, July was super super hot and August was great. Just want another August :) but will have to wait until next year :)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My mom went to her Dr. he told her she had the flu. It was on our news that the flu was circulating & for people to get their flu shots since it's available. They have it on the news every night how much it is wide spread or local etc. She has the muscle aches, chills, weakness & some coughing. She has had it for a week, but she doesn't stay at home, and rest, I told her over & over not to be out spreading it around & to take care of herself.

I don't like summer that much I never have, I always enjoyed the fall & winter more......if it would come without the colds & flus. With summer we have the humidity & bugs so there is good & bad with everything.

Ok, maybe the flu has hit the east cost, we haven't seen any cases here yet. But yes, from what you described, it definitely sounds like a flu. Your mom should have gotten some anti-viral medications as soon as it started. Oh well.

But I still don't think you have to worry about your aunt getting it through several people. Just, like I said, don't have your uncle hang out with you for the next 2-3 days. If he is ok in 2-3 days, there is definitely nothing to worry about.

Yes, totally true about the season changes. Oh well...nature is nature, we have to take it for what it is. I enjoy all seasons but just wanted this summer to last a little longer :)

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