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What treatment can I use to cure Onycholysis (nail lifting).

Customer Question

What treatment can I use to cure Onycholysis (nail lifting). It seems to be spreading from one finger to several in the last few days. It also is spreading deeper into the nail bed. I need to know what to do to treat this condition.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  911Doctor replied 5 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,

It's so interesting to field questions on this site.... it's a real education for me....

So the first thing to ask is IF you have been diagnosed correctly..... If a physician has made this diagnosis then the next question should be why do you have the problem?

AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THIS LINK HERE various conditions including thyroid disease can cause this, and finding and correcting the cause is the key.

So I wish I could definitively answer, but what follows, from the link above, is the best advice I can give....


What is the treatment for onycholysis?

Treatment of onycholysis depends on the cause of the problem. Eliminating or correcting the predisposing cause is the best treatment. For example, treatment of hyperthyroidism will allow the nails to regrow normally and nail infections can be treated with antimicrobials.

The portion of nail that has separated will not reattach to the nail bed and you will have to wait until the nail is fully regrown for the condition to be completely gone. Fingernails take 4-6 months to fully regrow whilst toenails may take twice as long.

To prevent deterioration or recurrence of onycholysis after it has cleared up:

  • Clip the affected portion of the nail, and keep the nails short.
  • Avoid injuring the affected nail, and keep the nail bed dry.
  • Avoid exposure to contact irritants such as nail enamel and enamel remover or solvents and detergents.
  • Wear light cotton gloves under vinyl gloves for wet work."
many thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
A doctor has not diagnosed this issue. I have researched and discovered this problem thu the Internet. I want to know what type of medicine that I can purchase to stop this from becoming worse. It is only on three fingers. I understand that it might be a liver problem if it was on all the fingers. It is not at this time. I do worry that it will spread if not treated. What you have suggested thus far, I have already done. I have read on the Internet what to do to prevent this condition in the future. What do I do now to clear it up?
Expert:  911Doctor replied 5 years ago.
you need the diagnosis made by a physician. lab test performed, a nail scraping. you may be wrong about this diagnosis. there are many conditions that affect the nails, and if you are right about the onycholysis you have not addressed the thyroid issue. i can not answer your question as asked because you do not have a proper diagnosis, and it is even further in doubt if you have indeed tried everything i suggested and still have the problem.

and how to clear it up is indeed the question. i'm not sure. what is your thyroid level? is that the issue?

and you need THESE STUDIES

and as to therapy if it is indedd onycholysis you need a prescription.

I am sorry, but this question is based on an assumption, and therefore recommending treatment would be foolish,

but since you have been able to find as much information as you say, finding the treatment and way to clear it up is there too, but as a physician I can not recommend a treatment or prescribe you the medicine (because the steroids that might be needed are prescription) without knowing the diagnosis.

And if you have not seen THIS take a peak.