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What does dry, peeling skin under my eyes indicate?

Resolved Question:

what does dry, peeling skin under my eyes indicate?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
Hi, welcome to justanswer , this dry peeling skin under eyes could be caused by eczema which can be associated to an hypersensitivity reaction which produces skin inflammation ,dry and peeling skin.
The treatment of eczema will be based on determining what substances could precipitate this reaction and that You will need to avoid from some topical creams, soaps, gels or cosmetics around your eyes, antihistamine medications and creams with ceramides .
Other condition that will need to be investigated is erythroderma which can be associated to multiple conditions like dermatitis ( skin inflammation), psoriasis ( a condition in which the immune cells attack healthy skin cells , and the death cells are repaired with an overproliferation of new cells that produce scaling or peeling ) or drug hypersensitivity reactions.
There are other medical conditions that can produce dry ,peeling skin including diabetes, low iron blood levels, renal disorders and irregular thyroid hormone blood levels .
In the meantime, apply cool pads or compresses in the area.Wash your face with a mild cleanser,apply an eye cream with not fragance , avoid putting makeup in that area . If you have been using antiaging products with alpha-Hydroxy and retinoids which can produce dry ,peeling skin under your eyes , do not use them ,they can produce further irritation .
My best advice is that You consult a Dermatologist Specialist so You can be properly evaluated and treated.
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