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Occasionally I have a sudden 'whoosh' feeling, like I have a

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Occasionally I have a sudden 'whoosh' feeling, like I have a drop in blood pressure and it makes me feel like I need to sleep and/or am going to pass out. It makes me very lethargic feeling.
While this is not a typical way an episode occurs, here is a description of the most recent:
I was very cold and achy yesterday, running a low grade fever, was very tired. I went to bed around 8pm, woke up around 8am this morning. I took 2 percogesics and 1 benadryl, empty stomach, had a very small glass of green tea. About an hour later I was very sleepy and began having the whoosh feeling. It made me feel like I was going to pass out and/or throw up. I chucked it up to taking too much antihystamine (percogesics have it and the benadryl has it) possibly and went to sleep to try and let it wear off. It didnt matter if I was laying down, feet elevated or not, or standing up or sitting down, the whoosh feeling still occured. Again, felt like my BP was bottoming out.
Hours later, while the medicine would have been out of my system, I am still very lethargic and have been sleepin most of the day and have occasional 'whoosh' feelings. Not as severe as this AM and not back to back like this AM.
I should note, when this happens, I generally get clammy and my heart will begin to race for a short stint. During previous episode at work (I work in ALF) I had them check blood sugar and BP and they were both normal.
Previous to this, the whoosh feelings occur spuradically. I was told by my dr. it might be anxiety, but I am not in any way 'anxious' when these things most times and nothing is 'on my mind per-say'.
Wondering what might be causing it, what type of dr. I should go to, and what I should ask them to do?? I have a neurology appt. on the 27th from last year having an enlarged pituitary gland and after a 2nd dye MRI a potential microadenoma.
I should also say, while probably unrelated, on occasion my heart feels like it has an air bubble in it. At one point last week I was up all night with chest pain. I went to the dr. in the AM, they did a chest xray, ruled out pneumonia and said it was probably pleurisy and that they heard some bronchitis. They prescribed some meds and since, it has cleared up.
Any ideas? Thanks!
Dear customer,
Greetings.The pituitary microadenoma described by you is often associated with hormonal disorders.These will include Cushings Syndrome,Hyperthyroidism,HyperProlactinaemia and others.These hormonal disorders can cause a elevation in blood pressure,fatigue,raised intracranial tension,mood disorders and other symptoms.Checking up on the various hormonal disorders often associated with pituitary adenomas by a Endocrinologist may help find the cause of the problem.A Holter Monitoring for cardiac arrhythmias( a 24 hour or longer ambulatory continuous ECG recording to rule out cardiac arrhythmias) may reveal the cause of palpitations and a racing heart.Athyroid profile and checking up on serum cortisol levels will help check for Cushings and hyperthyroidism.A evaluation by a Endocrinologist and a Neurologist will be beneficial.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I had a holter monitor for 24 hours last year (primary care dr. gave it to me) when these occured and besides 1 episode of techicardia in the early AM (135), it was normal. Would seeing a cardiologist help determine a BP issues? I saw a cardiologist last year for this and they did a ultrasound of my carotide arteries and they were fine, not even beginnings of plaque. About 6 years ago I had similar 'heart' issues and saw a cardiologist and he did a echocardiogram and said my heart appeared normal. I have also had multple EKG's all normal. Discussed a holster monitor for 2 weeks? Because of the potential microadenoma last year, I was sent to a endocrynologist and he did growth hormone tests, progesterone check and thyroid checks, all normal.

I will say I have PCO. Extra follicles but after multiple hormone checks and work-ups, including insulin screens, no hormone issues were detected.

So, I will be going to the neurologist. You recommend a cardiologist too?

a Cardiologist would rule out any cardiac cause of the sudden run down feeling with palpitations.Severe anxiety disorders due to stress may also cause similar symptoms.
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