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So recently I quit smoking went about four day with no smoking.

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So recently I quit smoking went about four day with no smoking. During this time I experienced very bad chest pains. Went to the emergency room, and had an EKG, chest xray, blood work, and negative d dimer. Well yesterday I was really stressed out and smoked a whole pack of cigarettes and today am trying to quit again. And once again I'm having chest pains, mainly on the left side and it goes to my back. I also have anxiety and worry about blood clots. Should I worry about a clot if I just had a negative d dimer? And is this normal with quitting smoking.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,

if you have had no recent leg swelling, no pain in a single leg, no recent long travel, and have no history of clots and had a negative d dimer in the ER then your chance of a pulmonary clot is next to nothing and i would not worry about it. and the cause of your chest pain is much more likely to do with pleurisy and anxiety (lung lining irritation) than a clot. best of luck with quitting the cigarettes, but i think the chances of you having a clot do not warrant another ER visit based on what you have told me.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay thank you. Im just having this pain frequently now that I quit smoking, it feels like its in my chest wall. The er said it was most likely a pulled muscle and my dr thinks its condstroisois or how ever its spelt. She wants me to.get a ct of my lungs, although she said shes positive I dont have a clot caude ive had three negative d dimer testd ladt month. Ive also had ekgs chest xrays and ultrasound of the heart. Any ideas?

the most likely causes of your pain would be PLEURISY or COTOCHONDRITIS and both are treated the same way... anti inflammatory meds like motrin. both should resolve within a week or two especially as your cough subsides.


a CT will cinch the deal for you. you do not have a PE by any risk factor criteria and when you add in the labs and studies already done it is just vanishingly unlikely.


please let me know if you have any more questions. if you do not, please click 'accept' so JA will forward my fee to me.





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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hey doc I have one follow up question, So for the last three days my left leg has been hurting, it hurt in my calf first, and the pain would come and go, and now it's in my thigh down the outer part and is burning and tingling. Should I worry about a clot? I keep worrying about dvt or pe. Any help
Well if you can not think of a reason for then to hurt... Pulls, strains or whatnot, then an ultrasound is the only way to rule out a clot.... That being said, you appear to have no risk factors and seem very obsessed with clots.

I can't say at this point NOT to get an ultrasound... But if you do, an it is normal, you need to set some limits with yourself about this fear of blood clots.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It started. Hurting after a night of drinking and dancing. I also have bruises on both my knees from that night. I had a clear scan of this leg a month ago, and in total have had 5 leg ultrasounds. I just get scared cause of the horror stories I've heard. So I'm wondering if it's just my anxiety or if I'm in real danger. Cause I've had all clear scans in the past
You need psychological help. 5 ultrasounds? The chances of this being a clot are almost zero. You need a psychologist. I'm not trying to be mean, but you have a phobia... An irrational fear unfounded in reality.

Please do get help.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No I need brutal honesty and I appreciate it. So you think after 5 ultrasounds I shouldn't worry about a clot
That is correct. You need psychological help.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hey doc, just wanted to follow up my ct scan with contrast was nwgative yeaterday. Im still having chest pains today. Should I be worried?? And having throat tightness.
no, you should not be worried. you are anxious. you are young. and you are fine.


the problem now is that you have had the million dollar tests, they are normal, but you are still worried. you need to stop worrying. easier said than done, but you can do it. and if you can't then you may want to speak to a counselor regarding your anxiety.

best to you, glad the scan was negative!